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Other features include the ability to view postings inside a map, search postings with filters and take notes on favorite postings. Dropping the sweet into hungry Om Nom's mouth clears a level, and picking up stars along the way adds to your score. The third Hexage game to crack this list earns its spot by putting a fresh spin on the classic tower defense genre. The name may have changed, but the recipe for success is the same. Give your brain a serious workout.

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The turn-based gameplay mixes slot machine-inspired random chance with serious strategy as you undertake to conquer the nodes on the world map. Do you often search in web for the latest music videos and fed up with having a good collection of it? Save your friends from a vengeful voodoo spirit dressed as a circus clown. Kate Brooks Kate discovers a letter addressed to her and soon discovers her grandmother had a Secret Legacy. Chat with someone before you buy.

To help him, you draw lines on the screen that guide the free-falling fowl toward the objects of his desire while preventing him from plummeting to an untimely demise. The impressive, cartoony visuals bring the old Feeding Frenzy PopCap game to mind. Emptying the board clears the level.

Discover the secrets hidden by mysterious tattoos in Our Worst Fears - Stained Skin, a chilling investigation into the darkness of phobias. Blood Ritual is a hidden object puzzle game that is filled with just the right amount of horror and mystery solving.

Fruit flies into the air and you try to slice it in twain. Dream Walker Venture into the dream world and save your husband from a wicked spirit of nightmares!

The Soul Reaver is a hidden object puzzle game that is full of adventure and detective mystery solving. Use your detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing film crew and finish the movie in this free hidden object game. Comfortable, beautiful and functional! You can also easily share files and photos.

Fight off an advancing alien horde by using an abundant weapon arsenal, traps, and the ability to shape the battlefield to mold the attacker's travel paths. Test your speed with non-stop, round-based hidden object scenes! The app also offers a robust search function and lots of customization options. All you have to do is avoid obstacles and grab coins.

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Unconventional hidden object scenes, replayable mini-games, mysterious planets with drowned cities and hot deserts. Crystal of Knowledge is a hidden object game that is filled with adventure and packed with plenty of fun-filled mini-games. Puzzle games Show all Give your brain a serious workout. Alice in Wonderland Explore a dream world, meet fabulous people, observe the details in fantastic places!

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Excellent apps to install on your new Windows tablet. Robotek Hexage's freemium Android stunner ports over to the Windows platform astoundingly well, arath de la torre estoy enamorado especially if you play it on a pixel-packed monitor. Xbox One Smartglass makes this easier by letting you control your Xbox One with your Windows tablet or phone.

The Dropbox app lets you browse your stuff, as well as upload, download, and move and rename files and photos. The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true. Cut the Rope Don't let Cut the Rope's appearance in that annoying dub-step Internet Explorer commercial sour you on this superb physics-based game.

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If you have the latest Xbox, you should use it to its full potential. Vehicles add variety, as do helpful gadgets and mission objectives that carry over between jaunts. Your first task in Draw a Stickman Epic is to draw a stickman, and then to draw him a stick friend. Get technical or download support.

By this point, everyone knows the story behind Fruit Ninja, a beloved casual classic found on virtually every major touchscreen operating system. The app lets you change how things such as Run, Control Panel and Documents appear in the Start screen.

Check out these related slideshows. If you get a message, you'll see it no matter what you're doing, even on the lock screen.

This is truly one of the best game apps on the market. Windows store apps for windows store enthusiast.

The video-chatting, free conference-calling space is far more crowded now than when Skype entered it. This strategy game skimps on story to focus on meaty turn-based warfare, pitting you against an opponent in a fight to the death. Although one or two features may be missing, the load times are very fast. The app's Guided View Technology lets you read comics panel by panel for a cinematic effect. Just wait until you get to the higher levels.

Inbetween Land Discover a world of adventure in In between Land. Inkarus One look at Inkarus's rotund outline, and you'll know he's not naturally aerodynamic.