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Why are they taking it out on her? She is also a dancer with slow thinking when she falls on top of a guy. Wish I had watched but it simply isn't for me. Yeah, you can see it in the chemistry between the two. Killer Toon Korean Movies.

But she's beautifully eighteen. Maybe not as dingy as he seems, this one. EunJi as usual she can act and her performance is even better than her last drama, internet dating just hope she can get a better offer after this!

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She whines about Real King being disbanded and Dong-jae just grins at her cuteness. Unforgettable Korean Movies. Well, if the ratings don't improve, dating maybe the producers will order the writers to switch mid-stream and go full makjang. The Tooth and the Nail Korean Movies.

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  1. This drama felt different long enough to get me hooked.
  2. And sometimes the way he acts is kinda confusing.
  3. The thing that I love and am prepared to dig my grave for is team Real King - we don't even really get a chance to get to know them over the titling cast, which is the hugest shame.
  4. The biggest problem I had with this drama was the clothes what the supposedly poor struggling secretary is wearing.

So Yeon-doo sits down with Yeol to discuss a peace treaty. And Ji-soo in what looks like Bok-dong mk. Teacher Yang definitely makes up for it for being so awesome. But I'm looking forward to the cheerleading part, even though the reason for starting the team was a bit ridiculous for me.

Scarlet Innocence Korean Movies. Be good, please be good, Show, save me from Twenty Again's withdrawal! Chae Soo-bin does a really good job of bringing out both Soo-ah's vulnerability and her cruelty, well done there. Until I started watching K-dramas I never equated being wealthy with wearing weird clothes, or being poor with wearing ill-fitting clothes.

Wow, this was long, but I'm gushing. She wheedles for him to just tell her who tattled on her, and he only orders her to class. Yeon-doo declines which makes Soo-ah unhappy, and Dong-jae muses out loud that the number two would be happy if number one got demerits and slipped down in ranking.

She wishes her daughter could meet a man like him. Our website uses cookies to ensure its efficient functioning and to improve your experience. When Teacher Im comes close, he buys her time to finish putting the poster up.

When she started choking and getting teary in while singing during the music class got me teary as well. This is a really lively show, even with it's darker moments. Her own vehemence knocks her legs out from under her, and she falls on top of him, faces uncomfortably close.

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Not like most kdrama parents, but the other characters got the kdrama useless parents. Male lead reminds me of L from Infinite. They must be working really hard considering they only began filming a few weeks ago. She offers him a cola and gives it a good shake before handing it over, and she starts by mentioning how unfairly her club is treated.

And I find it a wee bit refreshing that he's so flirty with Yeon-doo, even if it comes via an obvious trope like the fall-on-top-of-each-other scene. No one can establish this kind of credibility on first episode like her. It makes me wonder what it would've been like if a different actor took the role.

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Anyway, I hope this show keeps up the work. Gangnam Blues Korean Movies. The actors are doing a wonderful job at drawing out my emotions and keeping my attention.

Wouldn't that affect their dating? She leans over his desk and invites him to kiss her, right now, but he just smiles nervously. He isn't like that with any of the other girls, and he manages the task of being maddening and adorable all at once with such ease. Later Yeon-doo keeps Dong-jae company while he shoots baskets, wondering why he plays when he hates physical contact and his teammates hate him.


And I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jisoo's character and N's character, they probably have the most interesting story arcs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They wonder who could have turned them in, and Yeol has some theories about someone holding a grudge. It has potential and if they keep everything solid until the end, then that's good.

Soon enough a notice is posted that Real King faces disbandment over this issue. Oh, the second female lead does a good job of being detestable. No one can establish this kind of credibility like her that to in first scene and first episode. Miss Granny Korean Movies.

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Damn, if this amount of fangirling continues I don't know how I will react if they actually end up together! Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community. Really like all the cast though, never saw N acting but he is good and Eunji is amazing, of course. You're not the only one haha! Such sweet, lighthearted fare for the start of the week.

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The Swindlers Korean Movies. They are nice and I like them. She kicks the stool out from under his feet right as he pops the cola and flails away from the spray.

Yeon-doo enters a darkened storeroom where several other students sit, and they all check their rankings together with an air of utter seriousness. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Eunji is great as expected and Lee Won-geun, although he may not be the strongest actor, best hungarian is always so likable in all his roles - something about him is so charming. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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That principle is making my skin crawl. Sassy doesn't look appealing to me, online but maybe because u like it I might give it a try. Fighting all the cast and staff! Amazing acting with interesting story. It also doesn't help that the drama is miscast.

Penny Pinchers Korean Movies. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Exactly, Soo-ah is the one who set them up and hoped for a compromising position to get caught on camera.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Does it look small to you? Why watch this when Six Flying Dragons is on? His teammates gripe when he lets the other team get a point and win the game, and Yeon-doo steps in to get his back. Or just lackin resource for their students, or not understanding that teenagers are normal people, and discriminating against them for stupid reasons.

Playful Kiss

  • Overall this drama was very good and I will watch it again and recommend it to others.
  • After they started dating, it became boaring.
  • The resemblance is stronger in Kim Yeol.
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