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The member commission, established by the military junta of Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda, possesses sweeping control over mandatory licensing and regulation, according to news reports.

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Shekarau, who is now a top traditional chief, eventually embraced the practice. The commission is not required to hold a public hearing prior to revoking the license of a media outlet. Everybody is a work in progress. It takes time for one to be able to go through it divorce. The station has been off the air since.

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The subsidiary stations broadcast local interest programs during part of the day, and then relayed programming from their regional station during the rest of the broadcast day. Even my legal profession was chosen by them.

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Mubarak Muhamad Sani, a Wazobia reporter who witnessed the dispute, said he was attacked in the confrontation and his equipment seized. Each of these stations was considered a subsidiary station of a regional station. And I think that settles everything.

National programs were broadcast from two shortwave transmitters and one medium wave transmitter located in Sogunle, near Lagos. The commission did not include specific examples of the show inciting crime or disorder.

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