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Validating tickets on french trains, how to Buy Train Tickets in France

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How to Buy Train Tickets in France

Run a price comparison before buying! These tickets are only valid on the specific train you book, unless or until you change your booking. Allow plenty of time to get through the ticket-buying process. If you see a specific train number, date and time, your ticket is pre-validated and you need do nothing else. But if you bought from Oui.

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Three Ways to Buy Tickets

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Tickets can be collected at any main French station or in many cases printed out at home. The agent s may speak no language but French. The office for local and regional trains may be in a different location. In practice there are almost always places available on most trains even just before departure, the issue is price. Also, if you get a collect at station ticket from oui.

Print-at-home e-tickets don't need to be validated. Pak Tribu is a small group fares for people, which may save money over individual tickets. All tickets for these trains come with a seat reservation automatically included and the price varies like air fares, so pre-book for the cheapest prices. For Grandes lignes tickets, meagan good and jamie foxx dating you will need an acceptable credit or debit card. It's easy to buy tickets at the station even if you don't speak French.

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Do you need to buy in advance? But there are much cheaper fares if you pre-book. In large stations, some agents may speak English and perhaps other languages. You can't book before reservations open. Pro fares are flexible fares which are refundable and changeable, but usually only valid on the specific train you book, unless or until you change your booking.

Validate Your Ticket!

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It also offers a full range of seating options including on routes where it's possible to specify forward-facing seats. For local journeys such as Paris-Versailles or Nice-Cannes, you just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on, no reservation necessary. No reservation is necessary or even possible, the train can never sell out, and the fare is fixed so there's no price advantage in pre-booking.

If you fail to validate your ticket, an inspector aboard the train may levy a substantial fine for your failure to validate. Print-at-home tickets don't need to be validated.