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Within Armored Darkness, he was reunited with Ultraman Hikari and with it, Hikari burst free from Armored Darkness's control, blowing the Armor into pieces in the process. This movie takes place somewhere in the earlier part of the series before his identity is revealed to his teammates. But as it reformed again, both Ultra Warriors fought him to a standstill before combining into Mebius Phoenix Brave, using the taken Darkness Broad to leave a huge gap and fire Mebium Knight Shoot. Using his Eye Slugger to fight with his last energy, Seven finally succumbed but not before he sent his Eye Slugger to call upon his son, Ultraman Zero.

With the failure of his initial scheme, he personally descended to Earth, covering the planet with darkness as the Sun was blocked by his tremendous power. Hikari could not sustain his form and transformed back into Ryu while Mebius was seemingly killed by the Emperor's beam. However, Mechazam was soon absorbed by the Giga Battle Nizer from Armored Mefilas whom was in his final moments before obliterated by Hikari.

Mebius now had no choice but to reveal himself to his teammates as they found him telepathically communicating with Taro. The timely arrival of Taro and Zoffy saved them as they brought spare energy to recharge their depleted energy.

Stranger things happened when Gromite appeared and Mirai transformed into Mebius only for Mefilas to appear and kill the Gromite. Mirai was given the permission to stay on Earth for a while longer, allowing him to have a proper reunion with his friends. Each had their own strengths and special powers that made them especially dangerous. Meanwhile on Earth it was noted that the Darkness Fear was falling to Earth, it was calculated that when it hit, the collision would decimate the Earth wiping out mankind.

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The name of the document is the same as the defense team of the series in which the monster had appeared. The silver lines running along his body become dark in color, and is somewhat rougher. Please edit with the text-based editor instead. This article needs additional citations for verification. Victorious, Mebius learned from Ultraman that the brothers would soon be leaving Earth and that Earth would soon be in danger from a great force.

He transformed into his Ultra form before their eyes and assisted the weakening Taro. Crashing, Ryu distracted the sentient armor while his subordinate escaped out of the plane, seemingly dying. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He proceeded to give his energy to Zero along with the other Ultramen and sent Zero through a travel sphere.

Arriving on the gate, Mebius is helped by Mechazam who wants to know how Mebius become strong. Mirai can also transform without any actions through force of will if his arms are restrained. Mebius is also physically stronger in this form as shown when he fought Gomora.

Mechazam then knows that friendship is the real power before he died. Seeing the monster holding Aya as a hostage, the Ultra Brothers fused with Mebius into Mebius Infinity, successfully destroying U-Killersaururs Neo and freeing its captive. Glitter Version Glitter Version. Though Mebius managed to defeat Inpelaizer, another Inpelaizer arrived. Their special weapons are an advanced fighter jet that can fly at supersonic speeds, and the capsule monsters.

Noting that Armored Darkness still had the open wound on its forehead, Ryu flew his plane ejected from it and flew into the wound. Mebius, Marina, Konomi and Teppei went to investigate a strange incident at a dam whose water had been frozen solid. When Belial attacked the Land of Light, Mebius fought like everyone else and battle and along with Hikari, was ultimately defeated.

This was after his battle with Nova, when Mebius was called back by the Space Garrison, due to the threat being too strong for him. When Deathrem attacked, Mirai transformed but was unable to fight properly as his friends were being held hostage. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Arriving on the gate, Mebius is helped by Mecha Zam who wants to know how Mebius become strong. However, Mecha Zam's attacks are useless on the crystal seal, until Mebius aids Mecha Zam to break the crystal shield.

Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co. The brace than shines brightly and Mirai returns to his true form.

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Despite being ordered not to fight, Mirai transformed in front of his teammates and fought alongside his instructor. However, he was attacked by Glozam.

Mebius was unable to help as Ace Killer was unleashed to battle the Ultra. Before the attack could hit Mechazam, Mebius protects Mechazam, but as a result, he reverts back to his normal form. During the battle, Mebius realized that the Mebius Brace had lost its energy rendering him unable to transform. Once there they were attacked by Alien Shaplay and a monster trio of Bemstar, Saramandora, and Dorako. Thank you for working with us.

Mebius then starts to traveling the space again. Mefilas contacted them and ordered them to fire on Mirai and Teppei and for Teppei to shoot Mirai. Mebius was beaten, Grozam stabbed Mebius with his blade and pinned him to the dam where he was left frozen. Towards the Future Ultraman vs. However, Mechazam's attacks are useless on the crystal seal, until Mebius aids Mechazam to break the crystal shield.

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Languages Italiano Edit links. With their combined attacks the two shattered Glozam, allowing Konomi to deliver to the finishing blow with the Maxwell Tornado, finishing of the Heavenly King and disproving his immortality.

Ultraman Mebius

This form is stated to be the strongest instance Ultraman to visit Earth, including even the likes of Ultraman King. Mebius was a rookie member of the Space Garrison, who was bestowed the Mebius Brace and sent to Earth by the Father of Ultra as the next Ultraman to guard it. Ultraman Mebius's statistics below were mentioned in the original series, autocad 2012 software utorrent while additional info were brought up in magazines and official websites.

When Hayata, Dan, Go, and Hokuto remembered their counterparts memories of their battles, they transformed into the Ultra Brothers and used their powers to revive Mebius. Mechazam then starts to become Alien Empera. Imperizer also aided Glozam in battling Mebius. The Ultra Brothers were joined and replenished by Zoffy and Taro in the battle.

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Mebius then rushes to the Monster Graveyard, despite his injury and Mechazam's confusion about Mebius. Thus Ultraman Hikari was inside Armored Darkness, being possessed underneath it. Regaining his strength, Mirai transformed and challenged the aliens before freeing the Ultra Brothers. Afterwards the Black Silhouette appeared, taunting the world and the Ultramen.

He transformed to his true form before his earthly friends and flew away for his homeland as a now battle-hardened and experienced Ultra. He then returned temporarily as an ally before departing for home, leaving his Knight Brace to Mebius, granting him the Brave Mode.