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Adding Logo to Custom Live Text Graphics

The bottom line is anyone doing sports with their TriCaster should consider LiveText a must have. LiveText also includes a selection of basic drawing tools so that you can easily create graphic elements directly in the program.

The future of live production is at NewTek today. You can interactively resize text, apply face colors or even complex gradients in addition to apply outlines and several different types of shadows. Title pages can be still or motion pages, including scrolls and crawls. Broadcast Software Easier, faster, and more visually impressive productions.

Loop, scroll off screen or stop on last frame. Drag a template from the Library into a playlist to create a title. Conveniently, this allows you to use the Switcher to change the input without either interfering with other common Switcher operations or accessing the corresponding Virtual Input tab. You can switch by clicking Switch in the upper left hand of the control panel. Introduction Watch a short introduction to the training video series.

While the other titles may play one after the other, an unlinked title starts and stops independently. Once a connection is established and working settings can be reconfigured to use a router. They can help answer your questions, schedule an online product demo, or even refer you to a dealer in your local area! Use this to view edits made to the title. The trimmed duration is displayed in a timecode field just to the right.

The multiple titles can be prepared, previewed and played from one tab in Titler Live. For this source, a Trim knob is provided, allowing you to adjust the nominal level for different microphones. If you need to import more complicated graphics - LiveText supports most common bitmap graphic formats with alpha channels intact.


As well, an internet connection can serve for registration and updates, and of course for live streaming purposes. The main difference between Media Players is the file formats they play. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

Let's start with how to send graphics independently on multiple channels, then how to send multiple graphics on one channel. Right click on the tab to select which of the two channels to use.

LiveText ships with about fifty predefined gradients and user text styles can be added to style preset lists with a mouse click. Then select a specific encoding Preset in the next column. Depending on your security preferences, this may trigger a message from your firewall asking for permission.

This is a great way to have several titles that are graphically related. Software companies based in Kansas Manufacturing companies based in San Antonio Amiga Film and video technology Video equipment manufacturers. For the easiest way to quickly play titles, use Auto Live Mode. Attention-grabbing titles and graphics. The software combined the color information from the three images into one color image.

Control Panels

Live Monitor To preview the video being sent to the TriCaster, click on the Monitor button below the preview on the right. To preview the video being sent to the TriCaster, powerdirector editing software click on the Monitor button below the preview on the right.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Internet streaming connections involve a wide variety of attributes. Click on a title in the playlist to display it in the preview and edit its values to the right. There is a Source selection menu at the top of the Stream control group.

Originally Posted by joseburgos. It installs and you are ready to go. Cloud playout and workflow specialist, coralbay. Titler Live Broadcast will open and display the user interface. The color of the channel name indicates the tally status - red for live, green for preview, white for standby.

Livetext available now for 995

Setting up sharing destinations, different upload methods, auto versus manual upload, the share queue, trimming clips for sharing. Interface overview, switcher basics, transitions, video layers, downstream keyers, media player controls, recording, streaming, and grabbing images and a live production run-through. All of them are experts in our product and in the video production and streaming industry. If Input A is fully opaque it completely hides Input B. With AirSend, each tab is not a unique channel.

When saving a page in LiveText as a template, be sure to shift-click the images before saving. Export presets vary according to what is appropriate for a given session format. Multiple Layers Conversely, you can play two or more titles simultaneously on one channel. Streaming Choose either Home or Work.

For more information on action buttons, see Action Buttons. When overlaying the keyed source on another image, this helps produce a seamless composition.

Now, it can play independently of the other titles in the playlist. The reverse transition occurs automatically as the end of play approaches. The only thing I'd like to see added is away for the LiveText operator to remotely fade the overlay on the TriCaster up and down and cross fade from one overlay to another. And use the integrated DataLink application to display real-time data with instant updates. That will flag those regions as changeable when you're doing live production.

It only uses one channel, which is primarily a concern for AirSend users. If that title is already in, it does nothing.

LiveText by Watermark

Clicking a button in the Program or Preview row selects the active video source for that video layer. The project is composed of one or more playlists. The DigiPaint product offered at release the unique capability of editing and painting on images in the Amiga's unique hold-and-modify high color mode in real time. Preview See the currently selected title in the Preview.

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Picture a lone presenter at the front of a function room, on stage in an auditorium, or in a corporate webcast. Control Panels Maximum performance. Then, to play a title, click on the dot on its far right.