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Authority Tenders – List of Tenders By Authority - Tender Detail

Both overburden and lignite production has been outsourced. Application for land acquisition has been submitted to Government of Tami Nadu for issue of administrative sanction for acquisition of land for this project. All statutory clearances have been obtained.

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Hard overburden strata The highly consolidated overburden stratum consists mainly of Cuddalore sandstone and is hard and abrasive in nature. Feasibility report is under preparation. The water level is continuously monitored through observation wells for proper ground water management. High longevity coatings and alternate material for erosion and corrosion resistance. This problem was overcome by carrying out suitable modifications in the bucket wheel teeth and by instituting a systematic drilling and blasting programme.

Separation of Iron from bottom slag of Thermal Power Stations. Potassium humate is used for agricultural application and for land reclamation. The aggregate estimated cost of the project is Rs. Potassium humate helps to build up organic matter status in soil and is a plant growth stimulant. Underground Coal Gasification - To gainfully utilize the vast potential of lignite deposits which are uneconomical for conventional mining.

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This problem was overcome by continuously pumping out water round the clock through borewells located at predetermined points and thereby reducing the water pressure at the lignite excavation area. Every year, an Action Plan for monsoon is prepared well in advance in detail. Unless this water pressure is reduced before mining, it will burst the lignite seam and flood the Mines.

High capacity excavators are used for handling large volume of overburden, after forward preparation.

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Usage of Bottom ash for Construction purposes. Acquisition of required land has been taken up with Government. By commercialization of this product, online dating opening jokes for best lignite will have a diversified utility in producing a value added product and thereby promoting agricultural growth in the country. Collaborative Research with Premier Technical Institutes. Humic acid is extracted from lignite.

This is a novel method for the production of activated carbon from lignite. The method of mining and equipment used are similar to that of Mine-I. Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant.

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Development of fly ash based pesticide. The seam is the same as of Mine-I and is contiguous to it.

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