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The present investigation shall be only focused onto the basic type of camouflage pattern - the forest-plain type. The first address was sent to the media sector and prints of the Party, where was provided the consent. The editorial office was asked to make the changes in order to publish the text.

Poetry was considered coded and prose could not be penetrated by the unqualified staff in Oradea. This is a combination of poncho and tent zeltbahn. Oradea, Cluj and Baia Mare.

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That is made at one hand in the result of proff. The truth was truncated and the reality distorted by the power. The need for balance between standard uniform requirements and the specific characteristics of the environment where the uniform will be used define the need for various creative experiments. Third level - it is the lowest level for access.

It is possible to reach it by standardization of all activities, procedures and documents needed within the command and control process at all command levels. Organization, Layout, Manning and Duties a. For the creation of camouflage patterns, several optic principles and visual illusions are being used. Besides the basic camouflage used by the armed forces of the German Wehrmacht and the Italian army, a second camouflage group emerges.

Cioroianu, Pe umerii lui Marx. He suggests some Precautions for the Rationalization of System Command and Control on the basis of recognized conclusions.

The target is to create a visual illusion for complexity and shape scrappiness by breaking down the silhouette unity until visual illusion of merge with the nature. In the Bulgarian army resented and adopted a new camouflage pattern. The effect is of a scrappiness and decomposition. It has nothing to do with the traditional Bulgarian Wehrmacht Heer variation splinter.

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However, there are few very interesting developments. The developments in this domain are the object of an insufficient publicity, the reasons for this being understandable, which is also supposing an unmerited neglecting of the matter as a whole. In the scientific practice, only separate studies by historians of military science or by explorers of the uniforms of different nations were done. One of the reasons are of course the proper colours, but the other is in the use of many new for that time concepts for ways of creation of certain optical illusions. Using pixel like raster dot is increasing the effect and creates additional net type effect of shadows and highlight.

The wanted effect is more for fusion of the soldier's body outline neither just for its decomposition. These publications were governed directly by the local formations of the Communist Party, who was then sending their materials to the institution of control. The Directorship of the Central Presswork gave the final verdict, after an initial inspection conducted by teams of empowered from these cities.

Communism, censorship, press, magazines, Transylvania. Initially, Korunk addressed to the State Publishing House for Prints and Publications, which mediated the request near the censures. Later, at the end of the war, the first camouflage mantles are being implemented. Cluj, Fond Comitetul Regional P. Special needs, including peace support operations.

The newspaper was also controlled on ethnic and minority issues. This publication replaced the newspaper Volkszeitung, which ceased its activities on the basis of the decision taken by the Secretary of the Communist Party.

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In an article of the series Portrete bihorene, the Hungarian daily wrote about a representative of the Baroque period, Pazmany Peter. Technical architecture The main purpose of the technical architecture is to define the technical standards, which have to be met by all pieces of equipment building the system.

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The public found out from the media only what was useful for the propaganda and the party. Furthermore, it is to maintain contacts with the Bulgarian contingent abroad either in peacetime or during crisis.

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Communications and Information Systems. Later on under influence of modernistic style in art camouflage patterns, new concept was issued, witch is still used today. Any editorial change had to be presented first to the censorship, who took the definite decision about such change. It had managed to overcome them, so that in we found a strengthened institution in control of the entire information system. However, in this version of camouflaging the principle of dispersion of color shapes is not targeted.

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The orientation interest aims at the place, role and relevance of this organization. It was one of the best magazines in the country, checked in Bucharest after the initial control of Oradea, for a complete verification. The regions and the districts of Soviet import were abolished in and replaced by counties. Further to the use of basic irregular geometric patterns for a visual merge of the body with the surroundings, a stripped pattern of simplified grass and leaves is added.

Safety of Personnel Travelling. As a result, the camouflage pattern starts to include more imbalanced contrast, space illusions by color building and ranging, mono induction, dispersion.

Main characteristic, evolution and trends The purpose of this research is to study a subject, which is both interesting and veiled in secrecy and prejudice. The subsystem provides guaranteed cryptographic stability and protection of all group tracts. Besides all, the corect use of raster makes the silhouette distinctive in closer range, because of the lowest level of simultaneous and border contrast. This approach implements the principles of boundary and simultaneous contrast instead of the merging and transfusion with the surrounding environment.

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Bulgarian Army, for instance, in the rush to fulfill regulations missed the chance to make distinctive, traditionally orientated camouflage patterns. For instance the German Flaktarn pattern is one good example for well made camouflage pattern which is still topical. It also provides functional specifications such as interface, hardware, and software. Conclusion Activities in contemporary military operations within Alliance multinational forces require high level of consonance of all acting units.

The first number was ready to appear in late April. The method for camouflaging is using color patterns in a variety of hues and patterns. Besides the additional camouflage and technical equipment this includes the uniform and the camouflage pattern together with the pattern intensity. After numerous written communications, dating site with best results the newspaper received the long desired approval. The choice of color and pattern type depends on the environment and the background in which the camouflage will be used.

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