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That means you neither have, nor need a product code.

Forgotten product code

Forgotten product code

Alternatively you may trigger Sygic navigation with the custom url call to supply the activation code to simultaneously start and activate Sygic navigation. We have prepared this page so you no longer need to create a help request and wait for our support specialist to send you the code. You purchased the license within the Sygic app via Google Play Store. Instead, please use the email you entered when you were purchasing these features to complete the registration of your Sygic account. The app is showing Activation limit reached and wants me to buy a new license!

Sygic Professional Navigation Sygic Truck Sygic Taxi For activating multiple devices you need to distribute product codes to individual end users e. Before you submit a request.

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For a detailed guide on how to install the app, check out the article How To Install Sygic. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube. The license is bound to the device id.

Please check the email you got after the purchase, there is a link to the app the code is meant to work in. With our tool you will have a activation key in just a few moments, with just a few clicks. Our support staff will review it and contact you back within the next days.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android

When started Sygic application automatically triggers activation dialog when there is no license valid, or a trial period license expired. Currently there are a lot of online shops now, and every month, new stores are launching. With each product code you can activate just one license, i. Enter the email which you have used for purchase via our E-shop. People all around the earth are taking advantage of this code maker.

Paid using Google Play, now looking for a code? The message means you are activating your code in a different app than the code is supposed to be activated. The license is bound to a device id. We're bound by both rules for developers as well as licensing policies that prevent us from granting cross-platform activation for paid products. It is a security measure to prevent license sharing beyond the usual scope of use.

Activation with product codes

Every single time a store starts up, you can expect some contests from them to get more users and fans. They need to perform the activation process on their devices by themselves, either manually or semi automatically by triggering a custom url call. If you meet any problems just contact us.

Alternatively you may receive a testing product code from your sales representative. The end users then perform the activation by simply clicking on the link in the message. Connect the device to the Internet. The only way to have our application on your Android device is to purchase it from our e-shop, or directly from the app on your Android device.

Back to the section overview. Don't abuse our code generator and everything will be fine.

That alone should restore your purchased product on your device. Please scroll down and press the Transfer button - this option will deactivate the license on the device you first activated your code on and activate it on the new one. Testimonials and User Ratings. We are together made this fantastic keygen to help consumers around the planet. Please note that this type of activation requires internet access for a short moment during activation operation.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android

For more information about what your Sygic account is and does, mame4droid games click here. Sygic Github See Sygic samples and try them yourself. What if the app doesn't accept my code and says Your code is not valid for this edition of Sygic? Home Generate Product Key F. Get product code We have prepared this page so you no longer need to create a help request and wait for our support specialist to send you the code.

Select language Navigation. People don't need Sygic crack or any other patch. Right after the activation the process of map download follows unless maps are pre-installed. With the link execution, Sygic application is automatically started and activated, and it continues with map download dialog unless maps are preinstalled. Didn't you find a solution or answer?

For activating multiple devices you need to distribute product codes to individual end users e. The product you purchased is bound to the app on that particular platform that it was purchased on. Professional Navigation for Fleets. Why not just use full strength of Sygic Key Creator and use full navigation software for completely free.

Forgotten product code

Forgotten product code

Need to retrieve your product code