Suzuki Ignis Service Manual

Tighten injector wire coupler screw to specified torque. With fuel pump operated and fuel return hose blocked Faulty fuel pressure Shortage of fuel or fuel by pinching it, is fuel pressure applied? Install housing as indicated by these marks. While disassembling and assembling throttle body, use spe- cial care not to deform levers on throttle valve shaft or cause damage to any other parts. Does speedometer indicate vehicle speed?

If turned, interference may occur among piston and valves, and parts related to piston and valves may be damaged. Is engine rpm at stall test normal? The coolant in the radiator expands with heat, and the overflow is col- lected in the reservoir tank.

For the efficient use of manuals, start with one at the top of the list i. Please read this manual and follow its instructions. If any damage or wear is found, replace parking lever. Connecting rod bearing surfaces of each part. Always replace both upper and lower inserts as a unit.

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Refer to Emission Control Information Label for proper connection of hoses if equipped. Page vacuum gauge and joint between intake manifold and vacuum hose disconnected.

Suzuki Swift User Manual

They are factory adjusted precisely. Oil is drawn up through oil pump strainer and passed through pump to oil filter. This longer length was more accommodating to customers who needed more room in the car for families and luggage. Speedometer cable disconnected or broken. If cylinder bore is very rough or deeply scratched, or ridged, rebore cylinder and use oversize piston.

If not, align two marks by turning camshaft but be careful not to turn it more than its allowable turning range which is described on previous page. Inexperienced mechanics or. If desired section, item or description is not found in it, try next one in the list and do the same one by one till what is being searched is found. Pay special attention to the messages. Otherwise, rear wheels are driven and vehicle accidents, damage and personal injury may result.

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The procedure is as follows. Check Heater for Operation. Never replace cylinder head without replacing housings. Hand tighten only at this time. After adjustment, tighten lock nut to specified torque while hold- ing adjusting screw stationary, and then make sure again that valve lash is within specification.

Suzuki Workshop & Owners Manuals

If it is, replace with new one. When replacing any fasteners, it is most important that replacement fasteners be the correct diameter, thread pitch and strength.

In Suzuki ended production of the Sport Ignis. Over the years, pc doctor for windows 8 Suzuki has managed to update the Ignis to meet the needs of their consumers. Anyone who owns an Ignis should consider adding the Suzuki Ignis workshop manual as a handy reference guide to this vehicle. The Sport Ignis was introduced in as well. This is evident by the addition of a hybrid car to the Ignis family.

Coolant then flows through the cylinder block and the cylinder heat. Tighten bolts and nuts to specified torque.

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Install injector wire and tighten new wire screw to specified torque. Make sure that sensor heater is at correct temperature. Tighten drain plug to specified torque.


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Disconnect negative cable at battery before checking and replacing belt. Make sure to perform this test only when transmission fluid is at normal operating temperature. Apply thin coat of engine oil. Measure crank pin for out-of-round or taper with a micrometer.

Check Short Term Fuel Trim. If there is no vacuum, check for clogged valve. If any malfunction is found, lubricate hinge and latch or repair door lock system. Coolant then returns to the water pump through intake manifold, heater inlet hose, heater unit, heater outlet hose, and water intake pipe.

Use hand operated pump to drain fuel tank. Check each part which is suspected to be the cause. Cycle of operating sound should vary according to engine speed. Use special care to prevent sparking when connecting and disconnecting test lead to and from battery. Vacuum should be within the following specification.

After making sure that engine is cold, release fuel pressure as fol- lows. Indicates special information to make mainte-.