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We want to speak to as many attendees and exhibitors as possible. Michael Acton Smith, the founder of Mind Candy. The programs are spread throughout the year, and provides participants with a platform to share real knowledge. The exposure to new contacts across the region was something we could not have achieved without exhibiting.

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The laser then projects the image of the bike several metres in front of the rider. Entrepreneur Cafe is a global movement where entrepreneurs get to meet, discuss ideas, make new friends, build relationships, explore new avenues and get inspired, all over a coffee. Of course, you also get to meet some really brilliant and innovative startup founders. She started working in tech in as a product manager for Efi in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneur Cafe, Somewhere in Bangalore.

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But the Evoma Business Hotel is the only one in Bangalore that combines office space with a business hotel. Hang out at Costa Coffee in Koramangala in Bangalore. Natbat Lanyrd lets you discover new conferences and professional events, and see which conferences your friends will be attending.

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By networking and meeting new people. She has worked tirelessly to modernize the government and to encourage the public to become more computer literate. Lane Fox is also known for her work within government. Her other company, Glasshouse, is an events business favoured by big-name tech companies like Craigslist, Index Ventures, Moo and Mind Candy. There is a separate time slot for networking and panel discussions.