Scruff men's dating summary

Scruff men's dating summary

My heart was pounding fast and I had a big knot in my stomach. After all, he had agreed to release me if I followed his instructions. In the next I had to count the number of periods and commas.

There were pictures and stories from many of his followers. He got his corrected with a tattoo of a bigger sword but this one had swooshes on the handle so the neck part no longer made him look like a dork. Some involving bets and dares, or games of chance.

Sort of like a house key, but for handcuffs. He had me place the key safe on a shelf behind me and told me I was not allowed to touch it without his permission. What happened next, though, made my heart sink. Maybe he is going to fuck with me more. The instructions were beyond anything I had contemplated.

That night I could not sleep very well, but the next day Friday I managed to get home from work a bit early. Meanwhile I had been doing all this stupid typing for his amusement, to be checked later. If I accepted delivery, though, I was agreeing to his terms. Now I want you to write me a summary of the show.

He was friendly and laughing a bit at my uncomfortable-ness. In the first task, he had me go back into the word report, and count all the times I used the letters e, f and k. Much better than I expected. Also he said that I could still back out, by refusing the delivery, and he would get the cuffs back with no hard feelings but then I would lose out on my chance to wear those cuffs.

The package arrived, and it was heavier than I was expecting. Fuck up and you stay in them. He made me write it out, that I was agreeing to follow instructions as ordered. For a whole fucking weekend no less. Having not slept the night before, I managed pretty well for myself overnight Friday and after taking a bit longer than usual to get comfortable I managed to sleep soundly through the night.

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Maybe subconsciously I was turned on somehow. And then he had me lock the cuffs on. But anything that locks really. So, with my head spinning in excitement and confusion I agreed to play along with his game.

But some kinky people were on there as well. The kind of box that realtors use when showing houses. We seemed to hit it off, and after a while I could not believe my luck when he agreed to ship the cuffs to me so that I could try them on. This guy had posted some pictures of a set of high-security cuffs that were unlike any I had ever seen.

Planning ahead to the next interval, I typed his name again planning to hit return when the time came up again. He told me I was not allowed to open the package until told to do so on cam the next night.

What am I getting myself into

What am I getting myself into, I thought. About an hour later, he told me to go back to CuffClub, and check my email. But these were just numbered and not time stamped. And like getting stuck in quicksand, I found after a very short while that I could not escape.

Send it to me via return email before midnight. They had this special locking mechanism with what looked like a unique key. He would probably get mad, but I would have my weekend back. It felt weird to be outside.