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The Sangat of Bombay is a live picture of unity in diversity. When we do not want to take revenge then why should we even file court cases? The local citizens held out a massive demonstration to condemn this inhuman act.

Mandal, Upasak Ji thanked Satguru from the core of his heart for acceding to the request made by the Sewadars of U. With the blessings of Satguru, he had played a key role in bringing the vicious atmosphere of Punjab back to normalcy.

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The words, diseases, medicines etc. God Knowledge adds charm to life. She also requested His Holiness to give words to whatever he desired of everybody.

After the programme, Gurudev halted for a short while in Lakhimpur Khiri. Ironically, the ones who follow different groups themselves often commit the mistake of considering such Mahapurushas as the creators of new sects.

There is no place which is not pervaded by this Supreme Power. Till today, however, nobody has apprised us of the same. If that saint can satisfy his curiosity in that very moment and give him God-knowledge then he should bow at his feet.

While the Sant Nirankari Mission is a spiritual movement, windows 7 ultimate genuine key it believes that devotion to Nirankar formless God may be expressed by exemplary behaviour towards other human beings. The Nirankari were typically traders and shopkeepers and were expected to continue working while they focused their attention on the remembrance of the divine Name.

Nirankari Rajmata Ji as also Rev. Gurudev became quiet for a few moments. Thus speaking, Gurudev became quiet. Everything about God has been written in detail in them. Mata Ji gave this blessing a few moments ago that we have to follow whatever Baba Ji taught us.

Only that person can unite us with God. It sounds very pleasing as far as only the feelings are concerned.

Though it is a strange fact, that in such vengeful vendetta, the real culprits often go unscathed whereas the innocents get murdered, yet Saints do not believe in this kind of a revenge. After listening to this discourse, none of the devotees could ever make the mistake of cherishing the feeling of harming anyone in his heart. Carrying the conversation further, Rev.

It was so marvellous to hear Baba Ji explain so beautifully that oppression can be ended only by tolerating it. Nirankari world could never have taken these decisions without receiving the regular guidance of Gurudev Hardev that we should merge our personal will in the will of God. Saints, many eminent leaders are present here today. Baba Dyal further preached against the assimilation of other religious traditions into Sikhism. For this, along with fearlessness, courage and enthusiasm were needed.

Easy way to take and get it music free Nirankari Marathi Song mp3 download

Easy way to take and get it music free Nirankari Marathi Song mp3 download

Gurudev had to reach another place according to his pre-planned programme. Those who put up with atrocities are remembered even today and the ones who committed them perished with the passage of time. The congregation finally concludes with a prayer see the English translation below that all devotees sing along in the end.

Nirankari Bhakti Geet

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We have attained God for ourselves and should feel blissful herein and hereafter. Instead of using kind words, abuses are being hurled. They did not have the nerve to go against his teachings but were at the same time finding it hard to comply with the same.

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Live in it in a detached manner, do not get attached. They lead their lives with a firm faith on Nirankar alone. Their minds are in a strange turmoil. It would not be wrong to call it a city of temples.

They have imbibed such noble feelings only because the True Master has taught them by the practical example of his own life. At that time, of course, the entire Nirankari world had plunged into darkness.

Sant Nirankari Mission Sarovar Complex. What we call happiness is nothing but a few short-lived pleasant halts in the journey of our desires.

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This was exacerbated by the shift from Sahajdhari shaven to Kesh dhari unshaven Sikhs. These tenets have not been created by us. Holy scriptures of different religions or sects are also read and the common aim of all religions i. We also have over here several members of the Namdhari family. This divine personage was turning out to be a source of inspiration for every devotee reaching Nirankari Bhawan, to surrender to the will of God.

After talking to a few police officers, I felt that even they entertained a lot of misgivings regarding Nirankari Mission in their hearts. This time too the devotees expressed their feelings of devotion in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and Sindhi etc.

We must be vigilant not to do any such action which might blot the name of our Guru as every act of ours would be put under his name. This inner turmoil would always keep bothering me as to why was there not much change in our lives despite attending congregations regularly as ordained by our Master? All assets - physical, mental and material - belong to the Divinity and man, as a mere trustee, should use them as such.

Nirankari Bhakti Geet

Everyone was looking anxiously towards Satgurudev. Only after that could His Holiness be given some time to rest. Because of a strike by the sanitation employees, many drains in this colony were choked. Therefore, to act upon whatever is written in the scriptures also one has to seek the shelter of the True Master.

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