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Rules dating work colleagues

First of all, a lot could go wrong. It causes particular problems when one person is superior to the other in authority.

Set rules for the relationship. Be mindful of your colleagues.

Read my experience of dating a work colleague, the companies reaction and how it affected my career. You should never get so desperate to the point of sleeping with your boss for a promotion and such. Establish before you return to work whether you are now in a relationship or whether it was a holiday fling. Unfortunately there is a side to office romance that is anything but romantic, you need to sit together and discuss a game plan at the start of the relationship.

Do your job without letting the feelings affect your performance. For the better part of the relationship, you might have to keep it a secret.

Find out about the office policies on dating and also the legal aspect of dating a co-worker. Should you discuss your relationship with Human Resources or your boss this will depend on the company and the job posts you both hold. If not then discuss how you should answer any questions should anyone get curious or suspicious and how to handle things if your secret becomes known. You might be tempted to sneak out of the office for a quick kiss or whatever.

If it is a relationship then decide whether you are going to let it be generally known in the office or workplace. Seeing each other every other day can get a bit monotonous and boring. Are you willing to risk your.

However, love finds us where it can and sometimes we have to make life choices that are not just about our career. Most importantly, never have sex at the office. If you do choose to make your relationship public knowledge then Keep it Professional. Not just that, but you need to ask yourself if the relationship will come between you and your job. Even where favouritism is not an issue, if your relationship is known then accusations will usually lead in that direction.

After a fight in your relationship there is nothing more obvious and uncomfortable for others than hostility between you at work. Keep it professional at work at all times. Do make time for yourself. Catch up on a movie, read a book, or whatever tickles your fancy when you're free. Some offices do not allow inter-office relationships.

It causes particular problems
First of allDo your job without letting the

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