Romanian women hunt for British men

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As you see, Romania is far from the point to be called paradise. Many Romanian girls are obsessed with British guys, who come to Bucharest or any other Romanian city. And they attract men because of being pretty.

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They pay so much attention to British guys, competing with each other that such reaction even scares Brits. Maybe British man would pick suck girl, but just for some time, to have fun and spend pleasant time together, but nothing more like serious relations or marriage. Must warn Romanian chicks are smart and many of them would just use man to have free drinks and some might even steal your money, so be aware, just in case. The unemployment rate in Romania is high as well, but even employed people get poor salaries for their work. This situation was used by rich and not rich man from prosperous countries to find the girl in Romania.

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Many girls in Romania were in hope visa restrictions would disappear and one day and that actually happened. Some were looking for easy going girls to spent sweet time with. And they know that as well, using it all the time. Though, visiting Romania is also nice experience and very cheap, by the way. Romanian girls very often behave in a slutty way and this is what would always be obstacle on the way to real natural interest of British guys.

All the things described above are understandable as more than half of population in Romania live in complete poverty and most of those people are struggling to pay the bills.

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