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He uses a similar approach when quoting the Wisdom books pointing out God laughing at the wicked. It will probably be eye-opening to those out there who take such things for granted. Everyone deserves to go to hell. What are your thoughts guys? They were completely different people.

Saving grace is efficacious and never fails pp. One might find some food for thought here. If God has chosen to save some, this in itself is gracious p. The Regulative Principle Full disclosure, I was one of the folks who helped Timmy Brister get this question through by using my votes on it. This chapter ends with a damning prognosis.

The strongest chapters are on birth control, predestination, grace, sexual sin, dating, big ladies free dating sites and the emerging church. Dating This is a another good topic for Driscoll. Dating is not engagement or even serious.

The author admits that he holds to the Calvinistic position. Is this a black and white topic, or does it fall under liberties? Showing his cards he lets the reader know that he named his second son Calvin Martin after Martin Luther and John Calvin. But for those looking for a clear presentation of the gospel of grace, they will not find it in this book.

The Review I like the concept of the book as found in its title Religion Saves. The top nine questions are now each answered in a chapter of Religion Saves. Good works are certainly the religion of the world. As much as a book debunking that religion saves needs to be written I think it is hard to do in the format Mark Driscoll has chosen.

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However, the Gospel seems to be assumed rather than explicitly applied. These things are said to account for confusion in understand how the differing positions are defined.

As a result, I do not recommend it. This becomes even clearer in his chapter on grace. The author moves to briefly describing sexual sin in Scripture and then sexual sin today. Afterwards comes converting grace, which brings the gifts of faith and repentance of sin. As a bonus, there is a very helpful appendix with Bible verses on predestination.

In the other chapters of the book, Driscoll does give some practical pastoral advice to those with questions about things like dating, birth control, and the emerging church. Again, the reader will find some decent research of dating in times past into the present.

However, works necessarily follow. Common grace is extended to all people, but saving grace is extended only to the elect. These statistics are helpful and informative as far as facts go.

He walks the reader through the different forms of each type of birth control and attempts to give biblical guidance for each. This brings about a change in life. All this stuff has to take place before I propose or fully consider marriage with that girl. And Nine Other Misconceptions.

The order of salvation is also important for Driscoll. This is also the book for you if you are curious about what the attraction to Driscoll is in the Seattle culture. Driscoll uses very direct and mature language. Driscoll has a way of making each topic seem relevant and important to each reader.

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Included in these descriptions are historical, medical and societal statistics. Instead, he assumes his position.

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He seems to do well with the social, moral aspects of life. Each chapter deals with a different subject. In fact, there is probably much more here for readers than they might initially expect.

Persevering grace enables every true believer to continually repent of their sin and return to Jesus if they stray pp. Showing that humor is biblical is not the same as pointing out what an individual personally finds humorous.

The negatives of this book outweigh the positives. Just as the reference to Noah who is referred to as a camping redneck when he became drunk. Even though no particular group is under his radar as names them off I wonder at times just how pastoral this approach is. An excerpt of an interview with Ted Bundy just before his execution certainly puts these issues in a different light.

In other words, do you believe in the regulative principle? Godly people differ in their understanding of predestination. This is basically where everything is done that God commands, nothing He forbids is followed and everything else prayerfully considered.

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