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Meanwhile, it is revealed that Rashid is none other than Malik himself, who faked the encounter with a dummy. On the other hand, a politician Kota and Chief-minister Prakash Raj try everything to come to power again in the coming elections.

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Shocked on hearing this news, Ashwin rushes to the secretariat to meet Vasanthan. Ashwin, through a video clip recorded by another photographer, finds out that Saro was intentionally killed by someone. Though initially she refuses him, they both fall in love soon. In the election, Vasanthan's party wins by a huge majority and Vasanthan becomes the Chief Minister. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

She is an investigative journalist and helps Ashwin in revealing the blunders of politicians. Hence, Chandru decides to find a job with full fledge. This bomb incident creates further sympathy towards Vasanth and he comes to power. Chandru travels to Basilistan with the help of a travel agent named Haridas Bose Venkat. He is contesting against more experienced politicians who capture the people by giving freebies and money.

So enjoy downloading videos from Youtube using GenYoutube and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. This article needs to be updated. He also introduces Iqbal, an autistic teen boy to Chandru, who is also travelling to Basilistan for a work and asks Chandru to take care of him until they reach Basilistan, Morocco. He also tries to kill Ashwin. At his office, he again meets Renuka, who has newly joined as Article Editor.

Now download videos in all formats from Youtube using GenYoutube video downloader. Ashwin Kumar Jiiva is a photojournalist working for the private newspaper Dina Anjal. Jiiva as Ashwin Kumar Jayaraman, a brave and clever photojournalist working for the newspaper Dina Anjal. Harris began work on the background score of the film.

So you will never any downloading speed issue. The police catch him, and to prove that he is a press photographer, he shows the photos to them, who identify everyone except the gang leader whose face is covered by a mask. He chases them and manages to click photos of the robbers.

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They both escape the place with the taxi driver's help. Ashwin then follows the leader to his hideout. Saro had found out the truth about Vasanthan, but was fatally assaulted by him so that she does not reveal his character and intentions to anybody. He also tells her that he is happy for Vasanthan's success and is wholeheartedly supporting his election campaign. On the way, they witness the execution of the criminals.

She is shocked to see Chandru among the group and is deeply hurt. Vasanthan then arrives and kills Kadhir. No one cares about Vasanthan and his team of graduates, who promise a healthy government to people. He witnesses Naxalites robbing a local bank. Chandru meets Sreela Thulasi Nair on the day of encounter and helps her elope the spot, saving her life.

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Ashwin, already at the hideout, confronts the Naxalite leader, whose name is Kadhir Bose Venkat and finds out from him that Vasanthan had made a deal with the Naxalites to help him win the election. International Business Times. Ashwin manages to save Vasanthan just before the bomb explodes. The film then throws a surprise twist.

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Their party name is Siragugal feathers. Chandru falls for Sreela at first sight and starts to follow her. Luckily for Chandru, execution did not happen because of the broken sword whilst executing Imran.


Vasanthan's party members arrive at the hideout on hearing the news that Vasanthan had died. He claims that he is innocent but is sent to prison with a note that drug trafficking is a punishable offence in Basilistan, and he will be killed by the officials. Chinna tells Chandru that if someone from India can help him find a lawyer at Basilistan, he will get bail and will be released.

It features Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in the lead roles. She meets a Tamil taxi driver who drives her to the jail.

Confronted by Renuka, Ashwin tells her that he and Vasanthan studied in the same college and were best friends. Jiiva Thulasi Nair Nassar. However, he is able to secure the memory card of the camera.

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King is a Indian Tamil political thriller film directed by K. Initially the film was rumored to have Karthi in the lead. At a massive campaign meeting of Vasanth, a bomb explodes killing several people including journalist Pia. Chandru understands that it was a trap set up by Haridas.

Shakti Telugu Full Movie Jr. You can even search the episodes and movies and download them. Ashwin, photographing the event, receives a text message from Saro that states there is a bomb underneath the stage where Vasanthan is speaking. Ashwin airs his grievances to Vasanthan, povesti pentru copii who ignores him.