Puff pastry sheets in bangalore dating

Puff pastry sheets in bangalore dating

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They had more groceries compared to bakery items. Whipping cream powder available too, haven't tried this before, supposed to be good. Fatima Bakery I was on my way from Malleswaram after delivering a cake when I happened to drop at the store. This is an attempt to share some information I have gathered so that it can be useful to others.

Puff Pastry at Best Price in India

It has added sugar n flavor. As in printouts of any image you mail them. Used for scraping the dough from the work surface while kneading bread dough.

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This store would be quite useful for someone interested in chocolate. They have a wide variety of molds. Some items that I found their shop were Whipping cream Chocolate sprinkles, colored ones as well Citric acid. The kind strips used to give shape to desserts and mousses. Variety of Sugar Craft flowers, leaves, a few cartoon character faces, glitter sugar, colored vermicelli like chocolate vermicelli.

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Parchment lined disposable mini loaf pans, brownie boxes. Used for fondant decorations. In different shapes and regular small molds. For royal icing decorations, crystallized flowers. Tastes great with less sugar.

Flower and leaf cutters, other tools used for crimping. Honestly I have no idea how to use it, but bought it any way.

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