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Rated M for a reason, people, so don't complain if you don't like it. That is why he found himself following her, needing to protect her but averse to revealing himself. Maravillosas, estemos listos o no para afrontar lo que la vida prepara para nosotros.

Yes he hurt his brother pride. Kagome and Kikyo are the chosen. No, he was born sick, but oh did he want to give her his life. Couple SesshKag, couple secundario KohaRin. He now saw his father in a new light.

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This is a JohnnyxAsh fanfic. She could not have come at a worst time. The water hitting his face are not from waves but from her tears. His father wasn't cursed, he was tortured. Inutashio worried for Kagome's fragile heart but fate deny his plans and he must watch as its ripped from her.

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Porque estuviste con su hermano. He reaches out to her but she just looks at him.

That did not deter Sesshoumaru in the least and whatever Sesshoumaru wanted, he got. The sword protected Kagome, that when it hit Sesshomaru. She was a twisted knife that was wedged deep in his demonic soul. Things never go as planned and the Mikos are switch with the brothers when the first breeding fails.