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Marian has been dead for years at the start of Princess of Thieves. His mother, though heavily invested in his life, is alien to him. According to him, she could never decide if she wanted him around or not, so she spent most of her time in the ocean, leaving him in the care of a guy she enchanted into looking after him.

In their final preseason game, he injured his kneecap as he landed after a dunk. Prince Edward has a missing mom too, hence his stepmother. Both Shinji and Asuka lost their mothers when they were barely four.

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She does speak a brief line, but she is offscreen and difficult to see. The title character's mother played by Jennifer Lopez dies early on in the film. Nemo's mother is missing because she was killed by a barracuda, along with all of Nemo's unhatched siblings. His mom was essentially their translator.

The main character's mother is deceased. Shoeshine's human family has a Missing Mom. Peasants took him in afterward. The Sequel Hook at the end shows that Po's dad survived, but it's implied that his mother pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to save Po and is most likely dead. Hill in The North Avenue Irregulars.

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After going back to the past Shinji knows what really happened to his mother, but Asuka is still unaware of it. Averted with Winnie, neolitico arte yahoo dating but Lady Portley-Rind isn't involved with the main plot. Almost everyone in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tristan Thorn's mother is missing. Shocked, Shinji realizes she is just like him. The first sequel reveals that she had another son as well before having the courtesy of dying and leaving his older half-brother as his only family. The title character of Pocahontas also has a dead mother and receives a necklace in memory of her.

She's a good cook, a mighty fine looking girl. Although she's clearly ashamed about it, the film never really explains why she left. Her death is explained at the beginning of the movie. Memer's mother in Voices died during a sickness about a year after giving birth to her daughter. One of the sequels confirms that she's dead, and that the King loved her very much.

King Neptune appears to be a single parent. Kramer features a rarely portrayed instance of the mother leaving the family, wherein the mother Joanna leaves her son Billy with his father and her husband, Ted. It's merely stated that she has probably hidden herself away for the past millennium, horrified at what she birthed. It is discussed in How to Train Your Dragon that Hiccup's mother passed away before the events of the movie.