No dating till 1-800 flowers

No dating till 1-800 flowers

When delivered they will sit on the hot porch until the recipient gets home after work. In addition, half of the flowers were dead. They will only think of you and your mistake. When I followed up, they offered to send the funeral spray to the home.

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The rep proceeded to debate with me about the address and the supervisor was not helpful at all. That was unacceptable and they eventually refunded my money. Scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday to the wrong address and an arrangement that was not originally ordered.

Flowers - scam and cheating, Review

These flowers to be delivered

Flowers came with the wrong arrangement. Never called to inform me they were changing the order. This was a terrible experience and now my loved one couldn't receive any flowers for her birthday.

Ordered flowers to be delivered

To preserve my dignity I requested that the recipient throw the flowers right in the trashcan so that I would not be embarrassed any further. The recipient has no interest in hassling with this order that they were supposed to receive. The flowers came on time and turned out good with no wilted flowers or broken vase.

Ordered flowers to be delivered on Friday. Had to ask repeatedly for my money back. They assured me that the flowers would be delivered on Monday. Well the visitation is today and funeral is tomorrow in the morning. Now I will have to follow up with my credit card company.

Read the full review In summary, I would not recommend Flowers. They did not arrive, when we called them they sent an e-mail update saying arrangement was being created. The guy that delivered it said that they did not have any red roses in stock. Caused my family a lot of grief at a time when that was the last thing we should have had. They refunded my money but we had the funeral without the family arrangement.

These flowers to be delivered to the home address via FedEx. This was not Valentine's Day.