Mystery Case Files Dire Grove

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove Review

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove

Hi, I am at the hose in the basement and I do not have any clippers to cut a piece of it. Look up and see a paper scrap at one of the branches. Go to the garage and there top right.

Click the ho-scene and find all listed items - the iron key goes into your inventory. We add new games every day and only the best games! You will come to a hole, to deep to jump, you will need the ladder.

Screenshot Go back to the hotel entrance and click the thermometer at right side. The following puzzle is a slider puzzle.

Click the acetylene torch on the ground in front of the shelf. The microwave - you can't put the meat in? Hey all - I have played this before - when it was first released and thought I would go through it again. Click the hole on the floor left side. You need a code for it, but you do not have on yet.

You can turn the hands by clicking them. Place first your small board at under the other ones, then the nails onto it and use the hammer. The brochure stand left side let's look you at the first two brochures more closely. If first - it sounds like a glitch - you should try to start over with a new profile - After playing it once, it shouldn't take you more than an hour to come back to that point again. If you have it right, then the ground will open up.

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Enter the hotel, go into the manager office and go downstairs. You want it so that the chain keeps swinging up until it reaches and knocks the valve off. You will need a key so go right next to barn.

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove Review

Click the fireplace to learn that there is no air to feel. See in-game help for detailed instructions. Skull in the top right hand corner in the last scene with the banshee skeleton.

Fate's Carnival is the tenth installment of the Mystery Case Files franchise and the first to be released by developer Elephant Games. Don your detective's cap to solve an age-old Celtic mystery come to life in this eerie hidden object sequel! The hidden object scenes, like everything else, are sharp and clear, reducing the graininess and clutter of scenes from previous Mystery Case Files games. And, of course, there is always the handy Detective's Casebook, which jots down information as you come across it, microelectronics by sedra and smith remembering everything that you might not. You can play this sixth installment in the Mystery Case Files series as a standalone game and enjoy similar gameplay as the previous games but with even more terrifying twists!

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The only tool that can cut, in my invintory, is a pair of wire cutters and they won't work. Click the note on the floor, its an article about a found Celtic relic and has handwritten notes. The first picture on the left side is a morphing object. Get the key out and leave the car.

So I guess I have to start over! Screenshot The coin will go into your inventory. Screenshot Use the arrow at the window, to go back and leave the hotel.

Can you uncover the mysteries of Dire Grove? Dire Grove picks up as you are driving home from the events that transpired during Return to Ravenhearst. Dire Grove Sacred Grove Released!

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Frantic clicking in ho-scenes will make your cursor freeze for a moment. Click the green box on the shelf and open it with the small key. Thank you again and happy gaming. Screenshot The silver key will go into your inventory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove

Once a player has located all the listed hidden objects, they progress on to the next area of gameplay. All in all a very good game. Use the hammer to smash the thermometer. Can someone give me a tip on how to get the potato chips? Screenshot Go far right into the dining room.

Mystery Case Files

My game crashed on me three times while I was playing. The water stopped - get the mattress out of your inventory and place it on the hole. It is also the lobby but the right side of the room - you can reach this part also from the reception going right. If last, try to press the green button, maybe this will work.

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