Denis Savin, Maria Alexandrova, Vladislav Lantratov

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There are very creative periods and not so creative periods and they don't always coincide with the internal side of the theatre. It's enough to just have one offer. And Vladislav grew up in the same surroundings and has become his own individual personality in the world of ballet too. There is a lot that is unclear. VaganovaToday sat down with the power couple to talk about their personal and professional lives, their insights about ballet, and their dreams for the future.

Yes we prepare everything usually together

If someone imagines who Masha Alexandrova is, it is she. Insofar as we work in a Russian theatre, the focus here is on drama and we have to create an image, a character. Just like London and New York.

Denis Savin, Maria Alexandrova, Vladislav Lantratov

Because in our profession a mentor is needed. For me it was always that way. Then there is that point when we have to go to the sea, because it's for our health, so that's very important. It's small, but it's warmer. There is no scale or scope within a theatre like this anywhere.

Your choices can even change you yourself. For me, I can't compare a performance with Maria to a performance danced with anyone else, it's the best that could possibly exist. The dream is that we will be happy. Even if I rehearse some parts with someone else, he always attends my performances and always tells me what's good and what's not. And I think I started to value it a lot more after I became more vulnerable when I was injured and just afterwards.

They were my partners, I prepared my roles with them, my premieres, we endured various successes and failures together. And the rest just depends on you.

Yes we prepare everything usually together. On the one hand you feel responsibility to it but on the other hand a large number of people may appear who try to create doubt in you. The very same thing applies to me too, of course. We will resolve this issue somehow, so that something new appears.

Even now when I don't work in the theatre I try to rehearse with her. We fight, and we have to demonstrate our right to be here. It's a genetic Russian structure. And it was really comfortable for me to work with him.

We really value any chance to do that. There is a moment when you are at your own mercy and you have to do something with that. But he's a master who sees everything and will tell me the truth, if it's bad, it's bad. No one ever leaves the Bolshoi but they do come here from other troupes. We prefer to eat what we like No special diets.

That's really pleasant to hear that others thought of me. But something spiritual from us is what gives the wholeness to the performance and that is unmatchable. Yes, from my point of view. But the production has to be rehearsed again from the start, you re-learn everything.

You live your life and take steps. It's important that it doesn't repeat.

So the issue of the stage was understandable for me. That may be difficult for other people but on the other hand there are no illusions that someone will live your life for you. No matter who your parents were, no matter who your boyfriend or spouse is, no matter what others say, no one can understand a ballet dancer better than the ballet dancer herself. It was always a moment of hope for freedom. The aspirations of those people will continue to live on, therefore I think that especially in Russia ballet will continue to survive due to their aspirations.