Live Wallpapers For Samsung Galaxy Y Gt-s5360

Move to a point of the file by dragging the bar. Contact your operator to choose the best data plan. If the devices are within range of one another, you can exchange information between them even if they are located in different rooms. Insert a memory card into the device.

Contact the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your hearing aid. Google Search Google Search You can search for applications and data in your device and specific data on the web. Add account Select Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. Select You can send your namecard by attaching it to a message or email or transferring it via the Bluetooth wireless feature.

Incoming calls are not connected Ensure that your device is turned on. Select You can enter an email address manually or select one from the logs or contact groups by selecting another option. In Idle mode, open the application list and select radio. View the photo you captured last. Internet Learn to access and bookmark your favourite web pages.

My Profile My Dashboard Logout. If you are launching this application for the first time, set whether or not to view the search history of your Google account. Select to start recording.


Each pro separated by new line. Tap and hold the text input field and select Input method keypad or Swype. You can also double-tap the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Y

You can activate or deactivate wireless connection features and access a list of notifications, such as messages, calls, events or processing status. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Full Features & Specifications

Email Add a label to a message From the Inbox screen, tap and hold a message. Sound Sound Change the settings for various sounds on your device. Uninstall Select Download files from the web Files you download from the web can include viruses that will damage your device. Settings Settings Access the Settings menu In Idle mode, open the application list and select Select a setting category and select an option.

Select Samsung is not responsible for any use of default images or wallpapers provided on your device. Samsung Kies will launch automatically. Samsung gt-s mobile phone user manual pages. The Samsung Galaxy Y is amongst the most affordable Android powered handsets that is available in the market now. The Samsung Galaxy Y does not have a front-facing camera and not even a secondary microphone for Noise Cancellation, any burner likely due to cost cutting measures.

Download from the wireless web. Batteries may explode when overheated. Open the notifications panel from the top of the screen.

Android operating system devices Samsung mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones introduced in Smartphones. Add the current radio station to the favourites list. Entertainment Entertainment Camera Learn how to capture and view photos and videos. Please keep this manual for future reference.

Navigation menu

To change the view mode, select of the screen. Rotate the device anti-clockwise to landscape view. View Call Logs Set call waiting Call waiting is a network feature to alert you of an incoming call while you are on a previous call. The device asks whether to end or hold the first call.

Place the cursor on the text you want to copy. The camcorder may not be able to properly record videos to a memory card with a slow transfer speed. Select a speed for the text-to-speech feature. Search for a file and download it to the device. Pc Connections Samsung Kies program.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Talk Refresh to update the message list. If you are launching this application for the first time, select Accept.

Samsung smartphones by operating system. Suspend calls in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions. In Idle mode, open the application list and select Quickoffice. Select to add to the favourites list. When you tap and hold a key until the character list appears, you can enter special characters and symbols.