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Capitals or learn basic coin counting. This auditory feedback may help him check the accuracy of the keys he presses and verify the answer before he transfers it to paper. With most talking word processors students can select other features such as background color, text color, and font size, and can add graphics. Computers change the writing process by making it easier to develop and record ideas, to edit ideas, and to publish and share with others. Choose addition or subtraction and a number to practice.

Key factors in technology implementation Collaboration takes on many dimensions in educational settings. Students with spelling problems could use devices to check spelling or search for definitions during a cooperative writing project. The Learning Lab allows us to share the American story through the African American lens by engaging in stories of resilience and agency as told through our museum's unique collections.

Support deep, meaningful learning with an online universe of authentic resources and tools for making them your own. What kinds of assistive technology tools are available? The potential for assistive technology in general education classrooms for students with disabilities is great.

This can help a user whose oral language ability is better than his writing skills. Resources Millions of Smithsonian digital images, recordings, texts, and videos in history, art and culture, and the sciences.


This site is exactly what I have been looking for! The unit consists of a wireless transmitter with microphone worn by the speaker and a receiver with earphone worn by the listener.

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The color brown The color white. Adapt exemplars to personalize them for your learners. Synthesized speech, the most common form of talking word processors, pronounces words from the text based on phonetic spellings.

Annotations and Hotspots Make a collection student-friendly, with information, focus, and interactivity. We've hyperlinked customized Learning Lab image collections to lessons and units in our district's pacing guides. The fundamentals of collaboration.

This saves teachers time, supports student exploration of theme-based concepts, and provides the option for blended learning experiences. The most difficult steps come when teaching and learning the effective strategies for focusing, themes for windows xp 2002 good comprehension and retention as well as new vocabulary and grammar. Grow your skills and stay connected with the Learning Lab Community. Strengthen basic math and other skills with interactive educational tools.

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Are you interested in astronomy and space? Extending the resources of kindergarten to writers across the grades. Language Math Reading Spelling Programming. The games are colorful and simple, not cluttered like some.

Copy a Collection Adapt exemplars to personalize them for your learners. Word prediction programs display words based on frequency of use, grammatically correct usage of words, and most recently used words. The use of technology must be a collaborative effort. Make a collection student-friendly, with information, focus, and interactivity. Many software programs incorporate both text and graphics for story writing.

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Publish Your Collections Share what you have made with the Smithsonian learning community. Share what you discover and create with your world. The user determines the number of words predicted. Word prediction Another useful tool is word prediction, which augments spelling and syntax to enable users to make choices, find words, and complete sentences. Students who struggle with writing e.

Abbreviation expanders Used with word processing, these software programs allow a user to create, store, and re-use abbreviations for frequently-used words or phrases. Halloween costumes Autumn Time!

The Reading Focus Cards are physical reading devices that provide all of the above support to help persons of all ages experience more reading success. The AlphaSmart is capable of editing, allowing the user to cut, copy, and paste within and between files.