Kresley cole lothaire online dating

Kresley cole lothaire online dating

His mother is a proud queen of the Daci race, another type of vampire, and Lothaire is meant to take over the crown there and become the Daci king. She drives him up the wall, by seducing him with her virgin, redneck temptress body Lothaire wants to eat up.

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She's taken from her home while her father is away on business and Chloe ends up for sale to the highest bidder at a witch auction. And, I loved that Ellie took him on while she was still mortal.

The chemistry is palpable between Chloe and MacRieve, and even though they are looking at the situation from different perspectives, they are equally intense. The scene between Lothaire and Nix towards the end of the book was heartbreaking.

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He also acts immature at certain points, sending Ellie his heart literally in a box because of something she did that hurt him. Lothaire engaged me in ways I never expected. They battle outside forces to explore their fledgling romance only to find themselves having to wage their own private war with their pasts and emotions. MacRieve keeps explaining to her that they are destined to be together and his job is protect and provide for her.

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Ellie is ready to go down in flames, but wants to enjoy herself before she's snuffed out by Lothaire. An ignorant, mortal Kmart checkout girl. Focused on her soccer career, Chloe Todd has never had time for dating. While seeking revenge against an entity hurting immortals like himself, he finds the woman he is destined to be with and instinctively knows he must keep her from harm. There were numerous examples of him telling Ellie how she is just a measly human and so unworthy of sitting by his side as a queen.

But lately men have been on her mind and she's noticed some other physical changes. She gives us insight on the main character before they become this heartless, and in most cases, ruthless killer. Besides, Ellie was bad-ass and humbled that vamp. She only just learned about the Lore and wasn't entirely sure it really existed. Yes, I know that is not a word but it is the best way I can describe it.

Lothaire is a very complicated character. From that moment on, Lothaire comes to the conclusion that Saroya is his bride because of the way his body reacts to her. For Lothaire to finally realize all Nix has done for him, and how he realized he needed to reciprocated, was perfect.

And eventually he did fall. She could throw him for a loop.

Kresley Cole comes in a very close second. One of the things I loved most about Lothaire was his absolute immortalness. And she will continue to do so for the rest of his immortal life. MacRieve never thought he would find his mate and has been glad he hasn't yet found her, thinking himself so damaged that no one would ever want him. Lothaire is an intense, character driven book about a battle of wits between two people who have nothing to lose.

He has been alive for so long things that would offend a normal person do not really bother him. And with this quote, I giggle with glee. The start of Lothaire shows Lothaire at eight years old and not yet a vampire. The foreplay and sex here could melt an egg on the hot pavement. So I created a Google Doc, invited her to join me and went to bed.