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The organizers had made a provision to buy kites and thread at the venue. The international counterpart of the kite flying festival in Surat was started in the year in the city of Ahmadabad. Taste was up to perfection and everyone ate it to their fullest capacity. Then we headed to the breakfast counters.

This is where the local trade and culture comes to fore in a very natural way giving the visitors an opportunity to see the artworks and handicraft products of this region. Playground is within the club premises and hence it was very convenient as well as safe.

Although held in a smaller scale than in the city of Ahmadabad, the festival of kite flying in Surat attracts several participating connoisseurs from different parts of the district. The kite flying continues from the break of dawn till the end of the day.

Post lunch everyone was in a mood to take some rest and that is when the Housie fun started. The jubilant enthusiasm and spirit of the national and international participants reverberates in the city of Surat. Mr Hemantbhai Patel was coordinating the game very well and keeping every one engaged and excited. It was right in the center such that its easy to spot. In Gujarat, apart from a harvest festival, it is also celebrated as kite flying festival.

The sky becomes mesmerizing by colorful kites. The international meet for the same event is held in the city of Ahmadabad in the state of Gujarat. The sight of the sky that is covered with myriad colors kites floating everywhere is a treat to the eyes and you can not admire the creative spirit of the participants.

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The evening performances at the Borneo International Kites Festival are also equally colourful and entertaining. These are special kinds of illuminated box kites that are strung together in a series. During the day, the spectators can view the artistic and technical skills with which the participants decorate their kites. The Old airport of Bintulu is the venue for the celebrations. The one whose kite got cut was also enjoying all the fun.

Everyone jumped in the pool and had fun in the water. We bought the stuff and headed to a big play ground to fly the kites. People bought their housie tickets and then started playing housie.

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The kite flying championship is very competitive as kite fliers from all around the world gather here to showcase their talent. Gujaratis are very popular to celebrate the festivals wherever they are. Team Mangalore too will have their set of award winning and internationally recognized kites, he said. Keeping accordance with the Borneo International Kites Festival, a trade fair is also organized close to the airport.

The sky becomes mesmerizing by colorful
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There were kites of different colors and sizes. Every year there are few kite flying events organized by different Gujarati groups in Bangalore. Its a grand celebration there where people of all walks of life are on their terraces flying kites or the whole day. The enthusiasm and the spirit of the participants are appreciated. It was a pure Gujju meal which everyone enjoyed a lot.

The participating kites are quite unique for its subtle, intriguing and colorful looks and the huge size. Efforts are underway to find sponsors to arrange for proper lighting systems that will introduce the concept of night flying of kites to the aficionados, he said. Subsequently this festival brings out the cultural diversity and iety of the region through the kite making competitions. Every time she was very helpful on the call. Since then, the event of kite flying at Surat has gained popularity and now has several spectators who gather to cheer the participants.