Invalidating cache at path restkit authentication

Invalidating cache at path restkit authentication

This file's last modification date is compared to the last modification date of a cached document and the document is re-fetched if the. Now comes the part where I disagree. For more information, see Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains. You should create a dedicated user account for use with replication agents. The Dispatcher must be reachable from the authoring instance.

It's opened some other problems in

Now let's say we ran a session. It seems documented and solved. Configure other parameters as required.

Repeat for every publish instance affected. When performed from the author instance, race conditions occur when attempts to recache resources occur before they haved been published. Depending on your environment, the configuration can also increase performance. The system includes several publishing instances that reside on high performance servers, and only one authoring instance.

The dispatcher flush

The dispatcher flush is controlled by a replication agent operating on the publish instance. It's opened some other problems in our legacy custom authentication scheme, but this should work for anyone using Wicket in general. Optionally, the Dispatcher then refreshes the cache with a new copy. The agent for flushing dispatcher cache does not have to have a user name and password, but if configured they will be sent with basic authentication. Lets say the cookie initially had a value abc.

Deleting and recaching fies should be performed on the publish instance only. For simplicity's sake, let's assume that the attacker walked over to the user's desk, used Firebug and edited the user's cookie.

Optionally the Dispatcher then