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Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. He did not appear in the cartoon because it ended before his figure was released. Whereas the figure has swarthy skin and its boots are dark blue, he has all red skin and yellow boots in the cartoon the mace included with the figure did not even appear in the cartoon. While Skeletor attempts to weaken the Castle's defenses, Trap Jaw, who is being pursued by authorities, slams into Skeletor and knocks him back through the dimensional portal to Eternia.

List of Masters of the Universe charactersCarmilla & Laura are lesbians

List of Masters of the Universe characters

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During battle, they also carry rocket launchers and bombs. The figure did not have the moustache seen on the character in the cartoon. It was only through the combined powers of Oo-Larr the jungle He-Man and the Goddess that Gygor was defeated and placed in a state of suspended animation. In the series, Beast Man is far more ferocious and more of a threat to the heroes.

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In the event that someone is hit in the eyes with Kobra Khan's acid attack, a special spray can be used to counter it. He had many weapons and an entire army of his own.

In several of his She-Ra appearances, he is called by the figure's prototype name Hose Nose. She is also able to fight with a knife and blaster to defend herself as seen when she is stalked by Kobra Khan and Tung Lashor.

King Hiss is voiced by Brian Dobson in the series. Marlena Annatrova from Saint Petersburg Russia, one of the first female astronauts. The club figure's accessory did not appear in the cartoon, in which he was portrayed as very peaceful. His wife was the sorceress Veena. His figure was made after the end of the s Filmation cartoon so he did not appear in animation.

Evilseed is an evil plant man who can control vicious plants. Their claw-like hands could spin like saw blades, but they were no match for the might of He-Man. Originally appearing in a comic book, Procrustus is n immortal giant with four arms who resides at the very centre of Eternia, holding the planet itself together with his mystical strength. Originally a minion of Keldor named Kronis, he was badly injured offscreen during a fight with the Council of Elders. Screeech is a barbaric bird that spies for Skeletor.

Beast Man makes his debut in Mattel's very first illustrated books as a follower of Skeletor. In the original minicomics, He-Man was a wandering barbarian hailing from a jungle tribe. In addition, she has taken on Sharella as her apprentice where Sharella became the Goddess of Castle Grayskull. He was not featured prominently in the cartoon because his figure was released when the cartoon was drawing to a close and, in the cartoon, did not use the club that came with the figure. Originally Tri-Klops was going to appear in the movie instead.

He is very lawful and righteous in nature. Skeletor, Hordak, and King Hiss are not the only threats to Eternia. Dead to her friends for mere seconds, she is reborn as the new Sorceress of Grayskull. King Grayskull's action figure was released as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.

Stinkor is an anthropomorphic skunk with magical control over his own stench. This version of Evil-Lyn relied heavily on her magical staff to cast her spells. Mekaneck also had a son by the name of Philip. He is a skilled fighter and often comes to the rescue of Skeletor and his fellow Evil Warriors, using his griffins as their most frequent means of transportation. The only main difference between Skeletor in the cartoon and on the figure is there is no green on his face in the cartoon, nor red glow in his eyes, unlike that of the figure.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The brothers became estranged during the Great Unrest, when Fisto allegedly deserted Randor's forces.

List of Masters of the Universe characters

Man-E-Faces is a multi-faced Heroic Warrior, with the ability to change his faces from a human face to a monster face to a robot face. He retains a primordial fear of mongooses.

First appearing the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, Terroar is a sound being from Melodian who was exiled for his evil deeds. Night Stalker appears only in original mini-books. The last version issued with the glow in the dark Halberd accessory versus the more common Halberd made of non-glowing green plastic is the rarest and hardest to find version of this figure.

In the toyline, he is also called Kalamarr. When King Grayskull died, Veena promised to protect the power that resided in Grayskull to the best of her abilities and, when she was no longer capable, that she would find one to take her place.

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In the Marvel comic, he was frequently shown eating cayenne peppers. Saurod is performed by Pons Maar in the live-action film. The cunning and silver-tongued Kobra Khan is fanatically devoted to King Hiss at the expense of loyalty to his erstwhile allies, earning him resentment. Hordak defeated the forces of King Hiss and was set to challenge Grayskull.

Physically, he is tall, muscular, and compelling, somewhat Viking in appearance. In the continuity, Sy-Klone was recast as a mystic guardian of the Legacy Stones and the last defender of Anwat Gar, the Tibetan-Japanese-style temple that housed these stones. Several black characters such as Zodak and Dekker have since been released in the X and Classics toy lines. The Sorceress tells that, in the time of the Great Unrest, Odiphus betrayed his people to Prahvus in the hopes of being accepted into the evil warlord's gang. Man-At-Arms saved him with one of his latest inventions called the Gyro Machine.

However, in his sole appearance in the cartoon, Faker is a magical creation, identical to He-Man apart from glowing eyes and odd intonation. Faker is voiced by John Erwin in the s series. Faker is an evil duplicate of He-Man, created by Skeletor. What Skeletor doesn't know is that Ninjor secretly works for Horde Prime in order to find Skeletor's weak points and how to exploit them. While the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline used the name Sharella for the Goddess of Castle Grayskull, borders for ms word 2010 it was also mentioned that she started out as an apprentice to Queen Grayskull.

In the version, he is an Arachna, a spider-like race that are enemies of the Andreenids. He is shorter than most of his battle comrades with speed and agility as his main attributes. Like Tri-Klops, his toy is sometimes mistaken for a Heroic Warrior due to his human appearance.

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