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Many now unemployed were Republicans and independents, who had believed that their jobs were secure. After an accident, Izaya gains the ability to see lies, which a certain monster happens to be impervious to. Natsu became a vampire, Gajeel a zombie, and Gray a werewolf. The Romano of this universe is powerful and absolute, Spain never became bankrupt and still held an empire while Prussia never ceased to be a nation.

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Unfortunately, it has come with a price. Maybe the solid realization is what lead him to agree and join the League of Villains. In the Republican primary, Bush easily defeated conservative Robert J. She and Bush squared off in a single televised Vice Presidential debate.

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Bush, second in command by the presidential line of succession, was in Fort Worth, Texas, and flew back to Washington immediately. One couldn t help but look at the family and the whole thing and think of his accomplishments and then think of the shame. Though considered the early frontrunner for the nomination, Bush came in third in the Iowa caucus, behind winner Dole and runner-up Robertson. First, Bush worked to absorb the John Birch Society members, who were trying to take over the Republican Party and lead it towards a more anti-Communist direction.

It is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. The poster is only being used for informational purposes.

In the wake of economic concerns, he lost the presidential election to Democrat Bill Clinton. Because he's awesome and can do whatever the hell he wants. It's basically me wanting more mob psycho anime, but I wrote this instead. By his second year in office, Bush was told by his economic advisors to stop dealing with the economy, as they believed that he had done everything necessary to ensure his reelection. The Republican candidate for governor, Jack Crichton of Dallas, who often campaigned alongside Bush before the election, lost by a much wider margin in the same election to Governor John B.