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Sony could really use that, counter strike sprays I love the Vita I have one but I but business wise it could be selling a lot better. You guys know you guys wanna do it and you guys know they are gonna be a hit on Vita!

It would not make sense business wise if one considers how many Vitas they are presently. You're not making an article. Long term it might work, but short term, it would probably fail.

Ubisoft is happy and satisfied with Assassin's Creed Liberation sales for Vita. San Andreas, in many ways this is actually a bonus. You play Toni Cipriani, a hotheaded member of the Leone crime family freshly returned to the city after four years spent lying low for killing a rival gang boss. Buildings Have Feelings Too! The difference is the ds was massively succesful by that point.

Even if it's just a graphically upgraded port. Soldierone d ago I honestly don't see why devs can't just downscale the games for Vita? For more info or to change settings, click here. That would be an incentive for rockstar because releasing a game will sell more systems which will sell more of their games. In other words, it has everything you could hope to find in a videogame.

Now he's back and it's time for things to be put right. Anyone that disagreed with him is just a mindless fanboy.


Yeah, I highly doubt they would release them all at once. They might be in the middle of stealing a car or eating food when control is resumed. Iamsuperman - that's a good idea. Might not sell like CoD right away, but I don't believe they would flop by any stretch of the imagination either.

Regardless, these are purely hypotheticals. Might not be the same experience, but gaming has changed. See it in action Videos and images. That would be very easy to do, and very cheap.

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People seem to have short-term memory. Why not just bundle them all together for the same price, or just slightly higher? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rockstar wont waiste time or money on a Vita version. Gimped versions may be also be possible.

The author has some cool ideas like when you're playing as one of the three main characters the Vita could be showing you what one of the other characters is doing. Latest posts by Ben Sheene see all. Sure you can get them for less now that the time passed, but those were the average launch prices of the games. Bowzabub d ago Edited d ago Yeah, I highly doubt they would release them all at once.

Ben is from Kentucky where he originally began playing games an activity he still continues to this day. Liberation's developers did. The game would have to be rebuilt for the ps vita. And Liberation is a big game. It going to happen anyway.

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All Rights Reserved Advertise on G. It has never happened in the past and I hardly believe anyone was suggesting that it happens in the future.

Now that would be cool and a system seller. Your email address will not be published. Audio-wise, sound effects and music are excellent, while the talented cast continues the Grand Theft Auto tradition of top-notch voice acting. If this title won't, nothing will.

Its just not doing so well critically or financially and its a huge risk right now to sink millions of dollars into. The city is huge and vibrant, teeming as it is with memorable non-player characters. There is no way that the company would even have a development schedule and budget for that sort of thing.

But even if they were somehow miraculously released together, people would still buy them. Vita just isn't a viable platform to sink money into. Bowzabub d ago Yeah, as long as they all have different aspects to it. It's kind of sad to watch Sony struggle with their handheld and they are struggling compared to their console. Yeah, as long as they all have different aspects to it.

But what about handheld owners? If a games good, then visuals don't matter at all to me. It looks great anyways, especially on a handheld. He recently moved to California to pursue whatever future endeavors were there. What does Agent have to do with this?

The script is witty and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny - especially on the radio stations, which are packed with great music. Big city life Everything that makes the Grand Theft Auto series such fun to play is here in abundance. If he's doing something interesting like stealing a nice car you could just switch to that character. So that's not really comparable.

SoundGamer d ago People seem to have short-term memory. The vita could use a system seller title like this one. This piece may be a bit lengthy and stray off topic but stay with me. Perhaps a more intriguing use of the Vita is how it can operate as a second screen and what it could show gamers not visible on their televisions.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories