Derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating apps

Derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating apps

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She loses the bet after telling him about it after Derek interfers and makes her feel guilty for lying to him. Casey also has a crush on Sam. They argue, scream at each other and get on each other's nerves.

Emily has appeared in most of the episodes. She loves to dance to jazz, hip-hop, and other types of music. But when Vicki kisses Truman Casey thinks he kissed Vicki and breaks up with him. Appearance She is shown to have tan hair and wild curls with deep caring brown eyes.

Hannah Lochner as Michelle

She loves to dance to jazz, hip-hop and other types of music. She is also the McDonald-Venturi clan's next door neighbor.

Edit Derek and Casey don't get along although it doesn't mean they hate each other. He sometimes likes to stand up to Derek but then eventually backs down feeling weak. Hannah Lochner as Michelle, who first appears at Lizzie and Edwin's birthday party and becomes Edwin's girlfriend after kissing him there. Casey is also extremely over-protective of Marti and they appear to have a Good relationship.

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All of his siblings have once been class president except him. Keir Gilchrist as Jamie, Lizzie's best friend who harbors a crush on her. Emily also helps Casey with her popularity.

He looks up to Derek and is Derek's frequent accomplice in various schemes. Love Interests Derek She seems to have an on and off relationship with Derek.

She also is seen wearing unique yet fashionable clothing. She also has a sense a humor and always has a great solution. Although she only appears in three episodes, she is often mentioned. Derek likes everything to be done by his rules and Casey doesn't, which is the cause for a lot of their arguments.

He had his debut in the film Vacation with Derek. They really show they love each other.

Derek can at times be a protective big brother to Casey, but also her true friend. Later Sam is revealed to have feelings for Casey as well and they start to date but Derek wants to break them apart but continues to fails. He develops a crush on her. She eventually got into Queen's University along with Derek. Casey is a Straight A student.

Derek bets Casey she can't get him to ask her out, and Casey takes the bet, soon developing a crush on him. She is idealistic and independent, as well as academically ambitious. Derek is a Straight D student. She will ask him questions and then immediately answer them herself.

He dated the head cheerleader Amy before asking Casey out. She also likes to do sports such as soccer and Taekwondo. Casey denies her feelings for him, but in the end, finally agrees to date him.

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He loves to play pranks, especially on Casey, and has his own band called D-Rock in which he plays guitar. You can help Disney Wiki by expanding it.