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It also has a hole drilled in its handle so that it can be hung on a nail. There is some pitting on the right side which impacts the grading, but this is a nice user example. None on the bed, cap, levers, etc. It was a very popular feature, making this transitional smoother one of the most commonly encoutered. There should, however, be four patent dates on the top of the lateral adjustment lever.

Bed Rock Type Study

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There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue. Unfortunately the lateral lever is missing form mine. Features not seen after that point. The important part, the body, is about as good as I have seen. No dates, replacement part or possibly still a copy?

Any other features mentioned that close the range of time down. Any help would be appreciated and let me know if you want pics. Notice the un-tapered bottom part of the knob.

The Superior Works - Patrick s Blood & Gore Planes 21 - 37

Block Plane Dating

The lever is cast iron and it, too, can snap or crack, so check it out before buying. This is a much nicer example than it sounds. The sides and sole have been cleaned a bit by a collector and lack patina. The lever cap is of the common cheaper style, where it's activated by a thumb screw and sits under a rod, best dating peened into the cheeks of the plane.

This is opposite to all prior types. Do you know if the lateral adjusting lever can be replaced? Email Address never made public. This motif is not japanned but is machined smooth. Both of these features help to overcome any lateral twisting of the tote.

  1. Would love to nail it down.
  2. Feedback improvement from users?
  3. Lever cap spring is now rectangular.

Identifying Antique Wood Planes

Block Plane Dating
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Stanley Wood Planes

These planes are simply too short for a tote to fit on them. It has the heavier casting of the s planes. An idiot has wire brushed the top of the sweet heart blade. Of course, the earliest versions of the planes, mainly the ones made by Leonard Bailey himself in Boston, are scarce and collectible.

These planes are definitely Stanley-made as the early company logo the crude eagle logo is stamped into the endgrain of both the rosewood and boxwood. The lever cap is nickel plated, but the notched rectangle's background is painted in Stanley's trademark orange color. Other antique tool price guides have generalized sections on woodworking tools or a specific section on wood planes. Tool price guides from past years should not be overlooked as a valuable source of wood plane identification.

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Bed Rock Type Study

Stanley Planes Model Reference Number
  • These grooves engage a corresponding piece of the adjuster to grip the cutter firmly.
  • By relocating the circular hole toward the bottom of the cutter, the iron can be used right up to the slot, without sacrificing the advantage gained from the lateral adjustment lever.
  • Stanley recognized this problem, and provided the later planes with a set screw that tightens the knob after the sole has been set.

My Bedrock of that era has the orange frog treatment as well. It is a used but cared for rule, and not heavily used. The lateral adjustment lever is no longer a two-piece construction, but now is one piece with the thumb grip bent over. The later model has the top of its cutter finished in an angular fashion, like those of the common bench planes.

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Rather than try to create a formal type study, I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame. This page is the best resource I know for dating them. But, it's still a cheap piece of junk when compared to Stanley's other block planes.

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The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. Also check the slots in the main casting where the old style lever cap engages the main casting - this area is prone to chipping and cracking. The lever grips grooves machined into the underside of the cutter.

The body is ever so slightly yellowed, about evenly on both sides. Otherwise it is a solid fine. This is located below the frog, online dating dictionary and engages a fork that is screwed to the frog. The rivet to hold the lever cap spring is not machined flat on the surface.

Later examples will have the identifying marks stamped into the left side of the plane. The back of the lever cap is solid and has a banjo-shaped spring. You may want to file the thing off but only if the plane is a user and not a collector since you can draw blood from it if you're not careful. It has no tote, but, instead, high school has a raised portion of the casting to fit into the palm.

The totes on these planes are normally found cracked and broken. This is to align the frog laterally, to keep it square to the sides of the plane, and, thus, make the iron parallel to the mouth. Of course if you are a perfectionist you'll want the exact month and day. What are people thinking when they do things like this? If your plane's iron can't be adjusted for a fine cut, dating you have a cap iron from a metallic plane.

It is a sweetheart marked plane. The iron rests upon two vertical and triangular almost fin-like in appearance projections of the main casting. The sides of the plane lack the handy holds. The screw holes are located in the grooves.

Block Plane Dating

Dating Stanley

Bed Rock Type Study

Frog forward, mouth fully closed. Check that the knob proper isn't stripped. The knob is often replaced, missing, or split.

Castings are lighter, like those of the pre-war years. My experience tells me that this lever cap treatment is rather uncommon. If anyone else has seen one, please let me know. The lateral lever is a one-piece construction, with its portion that engages the slot in the iron being straight across. Use it as a clay pigeon, or something like that, but only if it isn't the earliest model, which is a very scarce tool.

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