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One of the dates is with each other. So we struggled through to find a winning gentleman and a winning lady who teamed up to play the two-part endgame. The gents all made it round cleanly, so the slowest man was eliminated.

The last of these was in connection with her description to show soft porn and documentaries about the sex industry. The second part of the endgame saw the two contestants make their way through the four caverns of The Temple of the Body. As ever, whoever returned fewer leaves to the host or lost the race was eliminated.

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In the first part, the two then raced throughout the entire set - guess what? Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. The weakest performer in this game was eliminated.

Host Keith Chegwin wears no clothes likewise except a pith helmet that's a hat. We don't know what your opinions are of naturism, but the contestants chosen were realistic rather than models.

Where Naked and Afraid seeks to force contestants to engage with their primal selves in the wild, Dating Naked aims to strip away all the artifice of dating by putting everything out there at once. The set is a lavish but deliberately stylised and artificial junglesque landscape. In between the dates, the contestants and their suitors hang out in the Jungle Villa, where clothes are optional and beds are abundant, encouraging the contestants to just do the obvious already. Whereas Jungle Run is a contest to collect as many bananas as possible, local dating girls the theme of Naked Jungle is collecting fig-leaves. Cheggers said afterwards that his mother was so shocked by his naked cavorting that he's promised never to do the show again.

That's no way to talk about Keith Chegwin. The second game, The Lost Camp and I think we've got your lost camp right here saw the men searching the landscape trying to find keys to unlock chests containing fig-leaves. The ladies had a much less demanding task - a race involving abseiling, swimming, clambering and rope-climbing.

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That makes the motivations for competing on this show rather mystifying. The whole show has a fig-leaf motif.

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One of the ladies fell in. The first game, The Pool of Death, saw contestants scramble around on polystyrene-style boats in the shape of lilies around a pool to pick up fig-leaves before a short time-limit. The aim is to make both the participants and the viewers think about what they can actually make do without - what's useless and what's important.

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Not the most comfortable position to be in. Correctly orienting all three blocks and placing them in the appropriate places completes the puzzle and opens the door to the next cavern.

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