Dating him for his money

Dating him for his money

He has a part time job with his friend's fathers company and since he works late at night he gets really good pay. Anyway, as things progressed he started buying me clothes and stuff. We don't connect like people in a relationship do. Speaking about not affording such luxuries in front of someone of average means is just in poor taste. If you feel bad My boyfriend and I are both in college.

It's not like I'm completely lying, I do love him, just not how he loves me.

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He suddenly looks very attractive. In addition, the woman was extremely quick to seal the deal yes, with sex and gain his trust. Now, you just blurt it out. Yesterday was my birthday and he got me a diamond bracelet.

Someone without a retirement

It would be easier if he was an asshole or something. Someone without a retirement plan could be looking for someone else to provide it.

To do otherwise would be to betray our long friendship. He tells me that he loves me all the time and I say it back but I don't really mean it. Those dreams have stopped. No point in my grabbing my wallet.

It would be easier ifHe's not rich

It's not like he's a bad guy or anything, I'm just not that attracted to him. If you got this far, you must have gotten something out of what you read. He's not rich or anything, but he has his own apartment and some money spare each week. These are just examples, of course.

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