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Not only that it has abundance of wildlife, but it also has diverse ecosystems. It also means that the government recognizes all citizens as indigenous. For the most parts, Botswana is filled with unique physical features.

It stretches across the country from Namibia to the west and South Africa to the south. Most tribes have different ways of greeting each other for example by specific hand-shake gesture or just by using verbal expression.

Setswana is the common language in Botswana, christian guidelines for dating after divorce but the official language is English. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Botswana are as follows. Most Popular Destinations Botswana gives one of the representations of what a journey in Africa feels like.

Safety Tips Botswana is great for travelers not only because the country offers some of the greatest safari experiences on the planet, but also because it is modern and well-developed. With help from professional guide, however, those two issues should be avoidable easily. Bird Life With great efforts for conservation of wildlife, Botswana has become good destinations for bird watching. Botswana for Tourism Botswana gives us all the Big Five, the Okavango anomaly, the bewildering Kalahari, diverse ecosystems, hills of arts, and then some. Permanent water sources in the delta provide ideal habitats for many bird species such as flamingos, storks, pelicans, darters, cormorants, ostriches, and spoonbills.

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All three of them are different from each other, allowing the country to have distinctive landscape and geographical conditions. Even the common ducks, geese, and swans find home in Botswana, too Wild Beauty Kalahari Desert is the largest unbroken land of sand on Earth. Many places in the country look and sound like they are not from the same world we live in. In crime department, most cases do not extend beyond pick-pocketing or theft from parked cars. The country is home to more than species of birds.

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Biggest safety hazards in Botswana include driving in the bush and attacked by wildlife. Spiritual Destination Of course everybody is entitled to opinions about what spiritual experience is.

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Diverse ecosystems and habitats are home to numerous wildlife species. The most widespread groups include Tswana, San, and BaKalanga.

People and Cultures Botswana government does not recognize any ethnic group living in the country as indigenous. For a country mostly comprised of desert sands, Botswana has managed to come out at the top as far as tourism and safari are concerned. Your image of a typical desert is an almost empty land where live organisms are scarce, but Kalahari is an anomaly.

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