Dating a rocket scientist

Dating a rocket scientist

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There was more work to do. And he had lead all wrong.

This time, any champagne Ethyl prepared stayed on ice. He made researchers wrap their bodies in acid-washed polyethylene bags.

If Patterson had any remaining tolerance for sloppiness, it evaporated. Funding was all that stood in his way. The tragedy began at the factories in Bayway, New Jersey. Lead interests called the phase-down extreme. From the Babylonians onward, people glazed pottery with lead.

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The body has adapted to lead in the environment naturally. They even trapped meadow mice and pine martens, a species of weasel. Lead contamination, he learned, was ubiquitous, and nobody else knew it. This time, the press pounced. His boyhood would go on to be like something out of Tom Sawyer.

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One doctor postulated that the human body converts tetraethyl lead into alcohol, resulting in an overdose. He installed an airflow system to pump in purified, pressurized air and built separate rooms for grinding rocks, washing samples, purifying water, and analysis. The most troubling case, however, belonged to Ernest Oelgert. Kehoe was asked to peer-review the paper. His adventures stoked a curiosity about the natural world, a curiosity his mother fed by one day buying him a chemistry set.

He remained too controversial. Cascades of snow gobbled the sun, and Patterson, who fruitlessly attempted to navigate with a sun compass, had to mark their tracks by stopping and planting a flag every couple feet. He wore a mask and gown and would later cloak his body in plastic. Patterson's work, he claimed, could help the commission develop uranium fuel. Patterson figured he had the same problem.

On the black market, lead was the main ingredient in abortion pills. Instead of cutting a cake in celebration, his parents rushed him to the emergency room, convinced their overexcited son was having a heart attack. Each new sample was handled with a new pair of acid-cleaned gloves.