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But in true American spirit, it does not like corners much. The Renegade Commando, the Renegade Sport S and now the Renegade Classic are bikes which have the exact same underpinnings and the engines.

After hearing the noise, by the time I came out, they ran out. The big mudguards also work well to keep water away. But the ride comfort and handling, to some extent, manage to rise above these troubles and make an impression that connects you to the road and spurs the desire to travel. But when it comes to braking, the Renegades with the mm front disc and rear drum are able to shed speed predictably, but they could certainly do with more feel.

There is an ample space and you get split seats and at the back you will be getting a pillion rest as well. If you are not used to riding the cruiser bikes, you will need sometime to get adjusted to it. The higher gears are easier to shift than the lower ones.

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Hence, with great difficulty, within a time period of two hours, I could get a plumber and the spare parts and the repair was carried out at the earliest. The bike almost felt as if it was gagging when it was ridden around kmph in the second gear. You will see a very simple classic speedometer along with digital fuel gauge meter. The gears shifted with a bit of notchiness and the Commando took off with quite a bit of grunt. The Sport S, on the other hand, seems to draw inspiration from muscle cruisers such as the Suzuki Intruder, and is even available in sportier colour schemes.

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Request for replacing water meter - free of cost A couple of days ago, when we were inside the house, some anti-social elements, tried to break the water meter by throwing a heavy stone. Any motorcycle above cc is expected to consume more fuel and we were privileged enough to get the Renegade Commando with full tank fuel to explore the motorcycle to the fullest. As the pipe got damaged during the water flow, all the water started leaking throughout my house. The accompanying rorty note from the engine along with the exhaust adds to the overall aura of gaining momentum.

The frame is a dual cradle, while suspension up front consists of conventional telescopic forks and the rear gets twin hydraulic shocks. Um renegade commando, sport s review, test ride - autocar india The Commando, for example, has clearly been inspired by classic American cruisers such as the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

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