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No way am I accepting a fiver a lesson. Map and Directions View Map. Yes Recommended Yes Recommended. But this group focuses more on digital.

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Ever wanted to debunk what it takes to create a good digital painting? Not all activation emails are going out - please use the Contact Us email. Disenchanted fallout crossover. Thank you for accepting me into this group!

Constructional Drawing An exploration of how complex objects can be broken down into their fundamental components, then rebuilt from simple forms. Latest Gallery Contributors. To the Admin, thank you for accepting me into your group! Even with that, I will want the skills to produce industry grade art work.

Does anybody know if they actually worth the money? If you are an avid creative with a flair for the visual arts, there will be something valuable for you to take away regardless of your disciplines!

Ctrl Paint Color Starter Kit

This website uses cookies. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? The Basics An overview of basic skills - both technical and conceptual - with exercises that you will incorporate into your regular warmups for a long time to come. He hasn't had a new Thursday video for months.

Super happy this group exists! We now have a Chat room for everyone to chat. Dragons and Space Marines, Unite! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer.

Challenges and Drills A series of drills that fit into the lessons at various times. It only work if you put in the effort. Please ensure images are below px and kb. Portfolio - The most fun of them all. Laptops and sketchbooks are welcome for note-taking and doodling.

Ultimately these workshops will be worth it when you become a semi-pro and want to learn advanced and time saving techniques. It really boils down to learning basics like, form, perspective, lighting etc. By Shahan in forum Art Discussions. It's also more than that - it's a hand-picked recommendation of something I've used myself. No, keep my events secret No, keep my events secret.

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This will be a no-holds-barred workshop that cuts to the chase the actual process of painting digitally- no layer effects, pc audio recording software no filters. Description Ever wanted to debunk what it takes to create a good digital painting? Basically I'm pretty low on money right now so a friend offered to pay me for digital painting lessons. We wanna meet all the people watching this website and trying to have an active community.

As the forum has been reported as a spammer, we won't be sending out automatic emails. Does anyone know if he is ok? Log in Forgot Your Password? Just look it up, it makes for a great roster for you to keep motivated!

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He goes into a lot of the intricacies that I don't touch on in much depth at least, not if I can help it. Please note New Users will have their posts moderated for a while. This is where the message goes!

Ctrlpaint tutorials. Real deal

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Digital Realism Starter Kit ctrlpaint

Log in Already have an account? Artists Available for Work! Scott Robertson is the only teacher I found to teach from scratch as well as Peter Han. If you're interested, here is a full list.

Just hoping he is alive and well as his mentoring is some of the best I have found. He has been missing in action for months.