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At the beginning of the series, Dawson had a huge crush on Matthew Casey. He appears to have shown interest in her only to kiss her on the cheek when she goes to kiss him. Keeler is discovered to be missing, hook with the keys to his Cadillac in the ignition. Severide beats information about Katie's whereabouts out of one of Keeler's accomplices. Antonio looks at her picture and throws it in the garbage saying he did what she wanted him to do.

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He tries to reach out to her but she was initially hesitant as she and her mother had been abandoned by his father Benny. There was however an absolute shock a few weeks ago in one episode but I won't mention it since it is a spoiler. Dawson caught Jones cheating during a written examination and took a disliking to her.

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Gabriela is the wife of Matthew Casey. There she meets Rebecca Jones and they bond over being the only females in their class. Gabby starts the adoption process but is told it will be difficult to adopt Louie by listing that she will be with Casey as boyfriend and girlfriend as they aren't married.

Lindsay helps motivate Nadia to become a Chicago Police Officer. She asks him to relocate with her to Spain and he was about to do so, much to the surprise of his friends and co-workers, but ultimately decided to stay in Chicago. Homesick, Brittany finally leaves Chicago, unable to get used to the uncertainty and irregular hours Severide's job as a firefighter entails.

He proposes again to her and she accepts. Television series created by Dick Wolf. He meets Chicago Med's Dr Clarke - a past friend of his, who asks him to take a quick blood sample and enroll on the bone marrow registry.

Which is one of the main things that makes this show good. Gabriela is in a serious accident in the rear of her ambulance with her partner Leslie Shay. Racial tensions, the agendas of individual politicians, new federal regulations and other issues will be addressed this season. And there's the Intelligence Unit, the team that combats the city's major offenses - organized crime, drug trafficking, dancing on ice couples high profile murders and beyond.

However, after meeting Louie, Andre is guilt-ridden and loves his son clearly and no longer wants to be out of the picture. She shares a love of cooking with Peter Mills. We try to think about every angle and what is the most real and honest version of it all. They appear to continue the secret relationship, best online dating sites seniors as Gabriela comes to like Mills more and more. She and Casey take the pregnancy hard but after some time Dawson goes back to truck.

Eva took it particularly hard and even resorted to running away to see her father. Casey and Gabby put him off as neglectful until they find out that he is a soldier and was on duty and wasn't told about Louie and only found out when he returned recently. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Al was a beloved figure in that unit, and some people are going to blame Voight. Later, Voight and his wife took her in and raised her along with their own son, Justin Voight.

Severide tries to prove the husband's innocence but is proven wrong in the end, after the husband admits to starting the fire but didn't know that his wife was inside at the time. Susan Weller helps sort the problem shortly before Casey finds out she was responsible for the whole thing in the first place and fires her. Severide was engaged to Renee Whaley, the sister of fellow firefighter Lieutenant Eric Whaley, after dating but he called it off after she cheated on him with an ex-boyfriend.

  1. He was critically wounded when Pulpo's wife helped Pulpo escape, even though three other officers was killed in the aftermath.
  2. No matter how it played out, did it always need to end with Voight finally paying for his sins?
  3. The arrest goes successfully and Voight is incarcerated.
  4. We later learn that the pregnancy was never viable, and she loses the pregnancy.
  5. She tells Kelly she's worried for her son's safety and wants Kelly to look after him.

Finding out Dawson has an aneurysm that could burst with pregnancy, Casey and Dawson stop trying. Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu, in order to find his father's killer. She takes matters into her own hands and fosters Louie on her own until Casey comes back into the picture. However, there is a lot of background on the main leader of the cops from Chicago Fire in which he was really presented as a bad guy.

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The story of firefighters in Chicago, both on a personal and professional level. Dawson finds a small boy on one of her calls, getting attached to him she asks Casey about fostering him which he doesn't want right then. She still feels guilty about this and tells Lieutenant Kelly Severide about it.

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Antonio is in total shock then believes her. This causes them to practically ignore him during their next call and he takes the rash decision to go in despite orders and get severe burns. Casey disagrees, as he is the one who held the wife's hand seconds before she died and also found evidence of arson. Nadia moves in with Lindsay and eventually becomes the administrative assistant for Intelligence Unit.

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  • Follows a locally born and bred S.
  • The boy took it out from his pocket and put it back.
  • Later, Severide discovers that Anna has a complication with her cancer, and that prompted her to break up with him.
  • So who knows where it will all go?

Kelly Severide

With Kelton's election all but assured, Voight and his team must go off-book in a last-ditch effort to save Intelligence from getting axed. Kim, on the other hand, meets with Detective Keith O'Brien feeling she isn't getting the whole story. Lindsay opted to tolerate the bullying instead of disappointing Voight.

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Markie Post s birthday Looking back at Chicago PD s Bunny Fletcher

He goes home to his daughter. The officers agree and tell him to stay put. Gabby hesitantly gives him a chance to meet Louie, but Andre fails to show up and tells them the next day that he has to go on duty again in a few days.

She hooked up with an old friend and did drugs and drank in excess, causing her to be late for work. When she gets cold feet over moving there, he takes her around the city in particularly, taking her skating. He has been involved in numerous sting and undercover operations. The two begin to plot revenge with two other firefighters, Capp and Clarke.

Severide next has a disagreement about whether a man started a fire in their apartment to kill his wife or not. Burgess and Upton's Cabin Escape. She feels extremely guilty that if she hadn't told Shay to take her place, she wouldn't have died. Before transferring to Intelligence, Dawson worked on the Vice Squad.

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