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Full-basement foundation lined with continuous drainage gravel. Two Hour or More Rated Walls. Fire Protection Specialties. General Notes - Structural.

Aluminum Entrances, Stand. Chalk, Marker, Tact Boards. Custom Metal Framed, Glass Roof. Tile Ideas to Give a Refreshing Look to your Bathroom Bathrooms though used quite a lot are ignored most of the time when styling and decorating comes into the picture. Aluminum Storefront Fixed.


Toilet, Bath, Janitor Closet Accessories. Structural Schedules and Symbols.

Bathrooms though used quite a lot are ignored most of the time when styling and decorating comes into the picture. Why recreate what other engineers and draftsmen have already created? Order today, and save yourself valuable time and money.

Prefabricated Wood Trusses. Slate roof ridge details with vertical grade asphalt roof cement or slater's cement.

Individual CAD Details

Single Ply Membrane Roofing. Heat Distribution Systems.

Sporting Field and Site Details. Wood Framing Details - Misc. Fire Rated Concrete Details. Drawings Store All Drawings. Type - Floors Foundation Roofs Walls.

Landscaping Mechanical Plumbing Structural Objects. Basic Mechanical Materials. Metal Stud Framing, Non-Bearing.

Fire Rated Floor Assemblies. Ornamental Iron Fences, Gates. Landscape Schedules, Symbols. And, dont forget to watch our viral videos. These are a perfect starting point for modification to meet your particular needs or just to use as is without changes.

Site Steam Distribution Systems. Expansion Joint Cover Assemblies. Steel Beams, Joists, Decks.

BIM/CAD Library

STANDARD DETAILS (PG) - Office of Construction & Facilities Management

Steel Columns and Metal Studs. Electric Traction Elevators.

Cast in Place Footings, Stem Walls. Communication and Security Systems. Pan and cover tile roof ridge detail with underlayment felt and ridge closure.

Pre-Engineered Metal Stairs. Crawl space foundation with unfinished dirt floor at or below adjacent ground level. Metal Framed, Curb Mounted. Foundation drains prevent moisture infiltration with rising water tables. Check out these screenshots of the actual residential product these are just a few of the details.

Plumbing and Fire Protection. Cross-section of window opening showing integration of structure's water-resistive system in a wall with brick veneer.

Domestic Water Distribution. Water Distribution Systems. Use of rolled roofing material for open valley construction.

Special Fire Protection Systems. Footings, Stem Walls, Grade Beams. Ornamental Steel Railings. Slab-on-grade foundation with floor and footing poured as one unit and the floor at, or only slightly above, ground level. Full-basement foundation lined with mat and backfill atop coarse gravel.

Site Special Plumbing Systems. Hazardous Waste Remediation. Interior Ceiling Finishes. Wall to Joist - Non-Bearing.

Individual CAD Details

Site Sanitary Sewer System. Asphalt Single Roof Details. Misc Fire Rated Assemblies. Concrete and Asphalt Turndowns.

STANDARD DETAILS (PG) - Office of Construction & Facilities Management

Choose filters from multiple categories to narrow search results. Minimize through-wall penetrations for water, sewer and electrical connections by sealing around all joints and penetrations for pipes and conduits.

BIM/CAD Library

Door Hardware and Glazing. Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, Etc. Fire Rated Metal Stud Walls. Luxury and fuss-free are two words, which are aptly paradoxical. Sliding Glass Doors, cartoon games Frames.