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Plus, it alienates people who are watching without pre-existing knowledge. The one thing that I am highly disappointed about the series is the soundtrack.

Boys Over Flowers

Can't help but dislike Jun-pyo's permed hairs and I thought Jerry Yan's pineapple hairs was bad! About the soundtrack I actually liked that one song they use when she's swimming and is getting harassed. We understand the power and strength that lies beneath this lazy surface.

The manga twisted that to suggest that boys dango were more important than flowers. When Boys Before Flowers did diverge from the familiar moments, best shiva trance mp3 it did much better. Boys Before Flowers Favorite.

It would be great if she tune it down and bring it out more naturally. Shim Eun-kyung considers return to the small screen with Money Game. All the while, Jan-di cleans out the pool, picking out all the empty bottles and soda cans. And here I thought he was going to suck but he totally made me eat my words.

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But as I watched the episode she grew on me and I am already bonding with her. One bad thing I wish they'd dial down is the make up. They just have to get the preliminaries out of the way and while some people may feel it's rushed, I see them doing so to get to their Korean version.

Hopefully things will improve once the series really gets going. She finds out what the effects of red-carding are when she walks into class and her desk is gone. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Then again, your detailed review is enough for anyone to understand what basically happened. This guy, having just received the dreaded red card, is immediately chased by students and beaten.

So to do the complete series again would not attract viewers. Jan-di is not so easily bought, but still, the end result is a foregone conclusion. That's definitely refreshing to watch.

Your email address will not be published. Now I am more convinced that she is not suited as Makino. And it was so subtly executed in this scene that I don't think most people caught that bit! You could tell by just looking at pictures of him that he was already in the act.

She vents her ire on her secretary, Mr. It seems pretty interesting! The mute button and embarrassed laughter came into play. Jandi and Gaeul look so caked up, so white, compared to their necks. At this point I can no longer keep the original story straight.

Like Suhir, I've read the manga, seen the anime, the Japanese version as well as the Taiwanese version, so watching the Korean version without subs was not a problem. The first moment that caught my attention was Junpyo's reaction in Jandi's imaginary tirade.

Boys Over Flowers Episode 1

When he sees her, she asks in a flustered tone for the pool, and he points her in the right direction. At the sight of her father, Jun-hee breaks down. The music is pretty off and I hope they do go in a different direction than the japanese version.

The shot of him playing the violin was no way near mesmerizing as the slowmo camera was trying to suggest. There is something about the way he uses his eyes in the acting that sets him apart from the whole nochalantness of his manner. His body language and mannerism is a bit awkward and that's probably attributed to the fact that the guy himself is actually like that.

That's why it's always best to cast real actors instead teen idols. Will he be able to go without Madam Kang finding out?

Nobody ever said kdramas were feminist. The casting is quite wonderful though, but my expectations really were too high.

Lower those expectations, folks. How Korean food worked its way into my fridge and my life by Guest Beanie. Contributors Become a contributor. When he was being a bully it was actually believable unlike in the jdorama.

Jan-di follows the leaping notebook out into the hallway, where her equally defaced desk is parked. Taking in her appearance, Ji-hoo peers at her closely, then wipes the flour from her face and uniform with a handkerchief.

Just watched it on youtube without subtitles so I am grateful for your recap. It makes me anticipate when Jun Pyo will actually blow his fuse.

Although the casting in it wasn't the best, the story and characters are so well played out. Which is the true path of love? For some reason, that one sticks to me.

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

So far I'm not overly impressed with any of the characters, but I'm not disappointed either, so I'm happy - it seems like it will be a fun ride. Jun-pyo looks over at one of the bystanders, who immediately quivers in fear. In a supremely bored but authoritative voice, Jun-pyo asks Woo-bin for the rest of his juice, then pours it all over the hapless student. The first episode came out today or so I've heard and you've already watched and wrote a whole entire review on it.

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