Supernatural Dating Agency Series

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The characters were so good and the book was so funny that it didn't need a good story, in fact it would have been better without it. In one of these certifications, a vampire gives to Eli the Tablet of Nicaea. It's up to Eli, the witch's ex-girlfriend, Rasputin and a supernatural policing Agency to stop monsters from being exterminated and get back to finding them love. Hammons next book is just about the love lives of supernatural creatures, because that in itsself is a great story. In Rasputin's first scene we see him having a hot tub party with a group of United Nations delegates.

In one of these certificationsThe characters were so good

And then a frustrated male witch shows up and wants the Tablet to destroy all the supernatural creatures. The famous mystic Rasputin didn't die in like everyone thought. The way the plot develops, and what Eli and Meri go through while chasing this crazy witch is what makes this book so funny. From the first couple of chapters you know this book is something special and it's filled with laugh out loud moments.

He came to America and decided the best way to keep monsters from eating people was by getting them dates. Made it a highly entertaining read.

Which is the main goal of this book, and its major positive aspect. While meeting with a client, Eli is given an ancient tablet that has the power to kill all supernatural creatures. Recommends This Book Yes I would like to thank the author David Hammons for offering me a free electronic copy of this book as, quite simply, I love his work.

This tablet has the power to kill every supernatural creature on the planet. March was not a good month for me, but this book made it more interesting and fun. So he had to hire a team of certifiers, one of them is Eli and he has a gift for figuring out who the real monsters are.

Huge fan, not a stalker, just a fan. From the opening scenes where a woman tries to pass herself off as a vampire and Eli knows she isn't because vampires are so polite, you know this isn't your average paranormal romance. The wide variety of monsters and the back story for how monsters exist in a world full of humans is what makes this book so good.

It's up to Eli

Loved the things to google mentioned throughout the book. Despite the surprise, this book turned out to be a really enjoyable reading. The thing is I asked Curiosity Quills for this book without reading the synopsis, and I was really surprised by its plot, since I was expecting something different.