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While he is away Bashar sees Tayyabas interview in which she states that he indeed is a criminal and is the reason for all the problems in her life. Adil workes as a front man for his own brother in-law Bashar Momin, who was a money launderer and was among the richest of the city. Incidentally, balahibong pusa movie Bashar falls in love with Rudaba and starts scheming to separate Rudaba and Buland so he can take Rudaba for himself and Buland for Tayyaba. Humiliated by his wife Shagufta's betrayal Momin commits suicide. Bashar Momin Promotional poster.

All the album credits are separately mentioned and credited by the Serial management. You can voice your opinion on this. Following is the listing of complete soundtracks including Theme and the serial's music. He returns to Rudaba and sets things right with her.

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On the other hand, Rudaba in her interview states that Buland who is holding rallies to free Rudaba of her marriage is lying and that she loves her husband and he her. Tayyaba gives birth to a boy and Buland returns with them to America. Asif Raza Mir Babar Javed.

Elated and with a newfound aim Bashar surrenders and the government representatives apologise for creating chaos. Rudaba and Buland fall for each other. While he is away Adil and Saira return and Rudaba moves back to Adil's house.

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Meanwhile, Buland returnes from America. Bashar lifts all her punishments however, he continues to keep his distance. Adil leaves Saira behind at Bashar's house saying he would only take her back when Bashar agrees to Rudaba's rukhsati. On his father's death anniversary Bashar promises to fulfill everyone's wishes.

Bashar is heartbroken but is helpless. However, on Rudaba's nikkah ceremony Buland returns because of the mail Rudaba sent him but is too late as she is already married to Bashar.

Independent Media Corporation. He fears Rudaba would ask him for divorce but she surprises him by wishing for a normal life with him. Rudaba who had started feeling for Bashar declares her love for him but a furious bashar slaps her saying her declaration was a lie and that she was playing him and making a fun out of his past.

Bashar Momin

Geo is an Urdu word meaning Live. His mother claimed she never stopped loving Zafar and that she could never love anyone other than her first love.

Tayyaba follows Buland to console him but he lashes out and blames her for all that happened. Bashar agrees to take Rudaba with him because Buland has returned and wants Rudaba back in his life after knowing the truth behind both the weddings. One day Rudaba's father and future father-in-law are killed due to robbery shooting. Bashar can do anything for his sisters, especially Tayyaba, whose two engagements were failed.

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Saira and Bashar harass Adil and convince him that his sister was indeed involved with Bashar. Parallel to this, in an interview, Bashar declares that he is single and so Adil and Bashar have an argument. Rudaba reluctantly moves in with Adil upon his insistence.

Geo Entertainment Programs. Fate plays another game and Buland turns out to be Tayyabas classfellow and Tayyaba instantlyy takes a liking to him. Heartbroken he leaves for America. Buland convinced that Tayyaba had nothing to do with this whole ordeal marries Tayyaba.

Bashar Momin All Episodes

Bashar Momin compromises total of four songs including its theme song, this first of its kind music album for Pakistani Drama serial ever written before. The lyrics were penned down by Ali Moin. Bashar is set free due to his power and approach. Bashar forces Rudaba to confess to Buland that she always loved Bashar and all that happened between them was a lie. Rudaba is an innocent girl who is engaged to her father's best friend's son Buland Bakhtiar.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the other side Bashar still has no marital relations with Rudaba, and she is staying at her brother's home. She gets into a car accident and falls into depression. Even after Rudaba continuously pesters Adil not to pay heed to her bhabhi's words he gives her hand in marriage to Bashar. On the other hand, Adil is pushed by Saira and Bashar to take all the blame for marriage in front of Buland.