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Bhangra Under Attack Jazzy B. However, some of you may not take it serious. How you behave in this situation? Yar Mood Do describes the feeling to losing your best friends. Bhangra Is Forever Kaka Bhaniawala.

He wants to get rid of the bad memories of his love. Aaja Sajna is plea of lover to bring back his love.

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Babbu Maan Songs List - Top 50 Latest Punjabi Songs By Him

Bagdadi Teaser Babbu Mann. Therefore, you and I need someone to share our sadness and joy. Best Friends make you feel special.

Sukhdev Sahil has given his melodious voice to Naina De Teer. Nevertheless, this is not the time lose hope. This is the fact you should believe it. However, you even realize what makes you mad.

You have to face your memories even it is happy or sad. Mere Jina Pyaar is the song about making realize your love. This song describes the hope of a person. However, this feeling makes you feel sad. Somehow, love changes the person.

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Are you looking for the best Punjabi emotional songs? In my list, it happened one autumn you find the Punjabi sad songs of the best singers. Diljit Dosanjh is one of rising singing sensations of India. You life has filled with memories. Hanju is the Punjabi word for cry.

America America Babbu Mann. What he finds to get rid of the mad memories?

It is not easy for anyone to live alone. It is not true that distances make you closer.

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However, the tears affect your thinking ability. Somehow, you never realize what happens. Later, he or she realizes the inability to solve the problem.

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Babbu Maan Songs List - Top 50 Latest Punjabi Songs By Him

Punjabi Movie Hashar Babbu Mann

Desi Romeos Promo Babbu Mann. Pure Gold Punjabi Various. Love is not to be demanding. Further, it is the end of life for that person. Later you may realize your mistake and regret.

Sufi with his Punjabi sad song tries to give respect to the moms. You have to wait for the thing you eagerly need.

However, the lost of someone leaves you heartbroken. You do not know what is right or wrong.

Punjabi Movie Hashar Babbu Mann

Taau Khasme Milna Babbu Maan. Neendran The Remix Babbu Mann. Baarish Ke Bahane Babbu Maan. Gurdas Maan needs no introduction. Sometimes the emotions of the sad songs are helpful in uplifting your mood.

American Bhangra Revolution Balkar Sidhu. Therefore, Aazma means to test you. Aatish has given his melodious voice for the heart touching Punjabi Song Taare. You may be thinking the meaning of the word Aazma. As a person cheated in love, do not want to live.

If someone leaves, you become shattered. No one of you likes to be sad. You brain is a storehouse of good and bad memories. Have you ever forgotten your mumma?

Love is such a pure feeling. Somehow, it makes you more weak and depressed. This song makes you realize extreme madness for anything. As you, all know it is difficult to forget your loved ones.

However some of you may say, be your loved ones. This is a sad situation as your trying to achieve something impossible.

You have entered an incorrect email address! With the help of this song, Amrinder Gill tries to describe the sadness of a girl on her vidaai. So now, you should be thankful to your mom. Arshhh with the help of his Punjabi sad song describes confusing situation.